I’ve been traveling today (left on the 6:05 AM flight to Dallas) and haven’t had a chance to really get to posting.  I’ve got about a zillion comments that have stacked up.  While I deal with them, you can watch the hilarious YouTube below of a PETA-phile getting the pants frightened off him.  He was set up by a friend for the TV show Scare Tactics, the theme of which will be apparent as you watch the film.
Enjoy while I turn to all the comments.


  1. Oh my God. That sad PETA freak had me laughing so hard I almost spilled my cup of life saving coffee. Thank you Dr. Mike, keep up the good work.
    Hi Dave–
    Same here.  I watched the clip a dozen times, laughing harder each time.

  2. Just happened to bump into some very interesting PETA info here.
    Trial transcripts are available. Seems like Penn & Teller were not far off.
    Thanks for helping to expose these people for what they are (PETA, not Penn & Teller!)
    Hi Kevin–
    I’ll go after them every chance I get.  Thanks for the link.

  3. I’m not a big fan of PETA and I have no intentions of ever giving up eating meat. But when I do see a video like this one.
    Dolphin massacre in Japan
    Someone has to do something to stop the needless killing of another species that may be cutting into the profit margin of business.
    Hi ed–
    I’m not a big fan of the inhumane way that the dolphins are dispatched in this video, but the point is made that these dolphins are eaten in Japan. So, it isn’t killing just for sport.
    Dolphins are, as I once heard it called, charismatic megafauna. In other words, when bad things happen to dolphins people get worked up. But are the lives of dolphins better than the lives of other mammals that aren’t quite as charismatic?
    Practically every grocery store and hardware store sells rat poison, which works in a really dreadful way. The rats and/or mice eat the stuff, and because, unlike us, they can’t vomit it up, they hemorrhage internally. The loss of their blood volume makes them extremely thirsty, so they seek water. They usually end up dying under the house or somewhere near a water source, and their deaths go unwitnessed. Many million times more rats are killed this way daily the world over than are dolphins killed in an entire year in Japan. But, rats are not nearly so charismatic. There deaths aren’t any less the miserable for it, though.

  4. My wife just got me a PETA T-shirt, but it is special. PETA is spelled out across the front in large letters then below in smaller type it says “People for Eating Tasty Animals.” Then on the back is says “Vegetarian: Ancient slang for village idiot who can’t hunt, fish or ride.” It’s my new favorite thing.
    Hi David–
    I’ve got to get one.  Thanks for the info.

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