If you would like to see more proof that vegetarians (vegans, in particular) are as stoopid as we think they are. I’m hoping this is a spoof, but with vegans, one never knows. If he truly is a vegan, note the quickness to anger and lack of self control common to the breed.
(Hat tip to Joseph, a reader)


  1. Spoof I think. Just stick ‘Steven the vegan’ into a search engine. 🙂
    Spoof maybe (probably, even), but I’m not entirely convinced. 

  2. Sir thankee the NYT Mag article….’rart bleedin greeat’ article.
    Thats made my w/e.
    Vegetarians and espcially vegans are LOVELY, but i simply couldn’t eat a whole one.
    Neither could I without a lot of MSG.

  3. I went to the http://www.oldeenglish.org website and it is a bunch of young guys who are film students, I think. I found no other vegan stuff there. I think they are spoofing vegans in that clip.
    I suspect so, but with vegans one never knows.

  4. I think something is wrong here. I cannot get the full post. But obviously Neil did. Am I the only one?
    It’s a very short post and a YouTube video.

  5. In a moment of procrastination I Googled “Steven the Vegan.” I was not able to find out whether he is a real vegan, but I did find mountains of positive feedback from vegans who apparently feel that Steven really captured the frustration they feel with people’s comments. (Granted, it is pretty stupid to ask a person who says they eat no animal products if steak and ham are OK… Almost as stupid as believing that the vegan diet is healthy!)
    I have to admit a grudging admiration for people who choose veganism for moral reasons. At least they are living up to their ideals. However, I have absolutely no tolerance for people who insist that it’s healthier and/or natural for human beings to avoid animal products. That is patently ridiculous and flies in the face of all the evidence.
    I myself tried being a vegetarian in college 20 years ago for both health and ethical reasons. I got fat. And tired. And goshdarnit, a steak just tastes sooooo good with a glass of red wine and a big green salad. Being somewhat of a bleeding heart, I still feel compelled to minimize the suffering of conscious beings, so I eat free-range eggs and naturally raised animals whenever possible. Better for me, better for them, better for the planet.
    Hi Beth–
    I pretty much agree with you on this.  I don’t have a problem with people who are vegetarians for philosophical reasons, but I have a major problem with those who do it for health…and try to get everyone else to do the same by claiming that avoiding meat is healthful.
    I can’t imagine anyone legitimately wondering if steak and ham are products of animal origin, but honey?  It would have never occurred to me that vegans wouldn’t eat honey.  I don’t know if that was part of the spoof or not.

  6. The “not eating honey” thing does seem weird, but it’s not the first time I’ve heard of it. I was on the rowing team in college with a vegan gal who didn’t eat honey, she said, because it exploits bees. She also did not wear wool because it exploits sheep. ?!?!?!?
    I’m surprised that she ate vegetables out of a garden since they exploited earthworms.

  7. I went to the link at the end, oldeenglish.org. There’s some pretty funny stuff on there. If you see the other videos, it becomes quite obvious that this is a spoof.

  8. I too was wondering if vegans really don’t eat honey. Hey, sugar and HFCS come from plants, so they must be okay.
    Hi Dan–
    You got me to thinking.  Converting corn to HFCS must deprive an animal somewhere of food.  Same for sugar.  Harvesting the sugar cane is bound to cause problems in some animal/insect eco niche.  So, if we can persuade vegetarians everywhere that no matter what food they eat, they are somehow exploiting an animal or insect (even if it’s the bees that are pollinating the plants) maybe we can starve them out of existance.

  9. So, if we can persuade vegetarians everywhere that no matter what food they eat, they are somehow exploiting an animal or insect (even if it’s the bees that are pollinating the plants) maybe we can starve them out of existance.
    They should actually go on a farm and working with the farmers especially when it’s harvesting time. Maybe then they would realize what a catastrophic impact on animal life these gigantic monocultural open fields have. I once saw (and I’m a town boy who went working on a farm in Germany once in my life for 5 weeks) how a little deer was caught by the combine harvester and shredded to pieces. This taught me first hand, that the vegan argument, that vegetarianism somehow magically protects animals, is utter bullshit.

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