Well, the first leg of the flight went without a hitch. We got to Phoenix and had the three concourse sprint to get to our plane to Santa Barbara. Once we got to the gate, we saw a notice that said ‘Estimated departure 8:10,’ which was a full hour later then scheduled.
I figured MD and I could run grab a bite if we had time, so I wanted to see if the estimated departure was an earliest estimate or one that might be moved up and catch us unawares. It seemed a reasonable thing to do to ask the lady behind the counter at our gate.
I walked up to her and was assiduously ignored as she typed on her computer keyboard. After maybe a full two minutes she said “Just a minute” under hear breath. I waited several minutes, then she looked up and said in he most officious manner, “How may I help you?”
I told her we wanted to go to a restaurant and get something to eat and that we wondered if the delayed departure was a minimum or what.  She said, “I don’t know: the plane hasn’t left.”
“The plane hasn’t left?”
“No, the plane hasn’t left Yuma yet, so I can’t tell you when it’s going to get here.”
She said all this in a tone and manner that said ‘What’s with all these customers.  Can’t they see I’m trying to do something more important than deal with their trivial questions?”
She then picked up the phone and started laughing and jibbering with someone who was obviously a friend.  And ignored me.
It’s now 8 PM and the plane we’re to fly to Santa Barbara on has just arrived from Yuma.
I hope they don’t find a broken door.
I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Hope you and MD at least had a reasonably good meal.
    A good meal in an airport concourse?  You’ve got to be kidding.
    I had a pork sandwich without the bun, a tiny cup of fruit and an Amstel Light.  MD had an order of chicken wings that were not breaded and a glass of wine.  The chicken wings were so good that we split another order.

  2. Was that plane coming from Yuma, AZ? They actually fly planes out of Yuma now?
    I’m a firm believer that how employees treat customers is a trickle-down effect that comes from the top. And I’m betting anything that the rank and file employees aren’t treated all that well by management and it shows in their less than helpful attitudes and lack of moral. Sounds like the executives at U.S. Air need to be shaken out and given a good airing.
    After my last couple of experiences I would like to be the one who personally shakes them out and gives them a good airing.  I can promise that it wouldn’t be pleasant for them.

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