We receive more letters and emails about our use of Splenda as a sweetener on our TV show than any other subject. For whatever reason in our division of low-carb labors it has fallen to MD to answer all these missives on our behalf. She has finally tired of answering them all individually, so she has posted an answer to the Splenda question on her blog that she will refer people to from now on.
If you have questions about the Splenda issue, refer them to her, not me. We’ve got to keep the division of labor alive and well

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  1. Hello, I have not read all of your site and don’t have anything against Splenda, but personally, it does give me a headache. Could this be because sugar bothers me also? I can’t seem to find an artificial sweetener that does not give me some undesirable symptoms.
    Hi wondering–
    If I were you, I would simply avoid artificial sweeteners if they gave me headaches.  Have you tried erithritol or any of the sugar alcohols?  They aren’t really artificial sweeteners; they are sweeteners that are sort of carbs, but they don’t absorb very well

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