For those of you who wondered…the trip back from Dallas to Santa Barbara went as smoothly as the trip out was screwed up. All planes were on time; all the various staff were friendly and helpful; all in all this trip was just the way you want an airline trip: without incident.


  1. Ha! See what you get for mentioning the airline by name? Google ads galore.
    Glad to hear the return trip went ok.

  2. Dr. Eades. I think it most ironic that after your unsavory travel experience, the top ad that pops up on your site is for America West Airlines on Google. Talk about bitter irony!
    Bitter irony, indeed! Maybe someone or two will click on the ad and I’ll make 50 cents or so, which will in some small measure compensate me for the mega-inconvenience that I suffered at their hands.

  3. I clicked on the ad, just for you! I hope it helps. How much do you make from that, pennies? I’d gladly pay an order of magnitude more than that for the excellent blogs of you and your wife. Any day. Thank you for adding reason (and humor) to our low-carb life in a high-carb world.
    Hi Karen–
    An order of magnitude more, eh? I’ll be happy to send you wiring instructions for my bank.
    Thanks for the kind words.

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