I posted a blog back before Thanksgiving about having seen an article for the foodloop, a new reusable silicon loop to secure all kinds of food for cooking. I ordered a set and absolutely loved them–I used the loop to secure my turkey legs when I roasted a bird for Thanksgiving and it worked like a charm! I mentioned in the blog that it would be great to use to secure the herbs and lemon slices in whole fish on the grill, which I had never done before. That blog prompted a comment from Anna Stewart, who wanted to be sure that I and my readers understood that thefoodloop cannot withstand exposure to direct flames on the grill or burners on the stove. Here’s her comment:

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for thefoodloop. It is greatly appreciated. From your blog it sounds like you used thefoodloop on the grill. Well, unfortunetely the silicone foodloop is NOT flame proof. In fact, there is NO silicone which is flame proof and food safe to the best of my knowledge. Thefoodloop will not hold up to any open flame or direct contact with a burner. If there is a barrier between the silicone and an open flame it will work great as long as the temp. does not go over 675 degrees F.
But stay-tuned to thefoodloop.com and soon you will have one for your open grill. I would hate to see a great fish get away due to thefoodloop and an open flame.

May we all use our loops with care, so they’ll last for many Thanksgivings and Christmases to come!

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