Here is a fun quiz from Nutrition Journal from a few months ago. It’s only 14 questions, so it won’t take long. You can pit yourself against medical students and practicing cardiologists, internists, and family practitioners. (Since the Nutrition Journal is open source, you can pull down the full quiz in pdf format if you like.)
Unless I miss my bet, most readers of this blog and certainly most readers of Protein Power and/or the Protein Power LifePlan will do better on this quiz than most of the above professionals.

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  1. That quiz is very interesting,.
    Canola oil a good source of monounsaturated fat? I’d rather call it a good source of polyunsaturated heart damaging fats. And they don’t want people to know that animal fats are rich in monounsaturated fats too, of course.
    On the antioxidant question, they forgot vitamin D.
    Hi Max–
    You would be right about the canola oil.  I never use it anymore.  A couple of papers have appeared in the literature describing the canola oil deodorizing process, which creates some trans fats.  Those along with all the omega-6 fats are enough to put me off of it.

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