When John Edwards wife announced that her breast cancer had returned, I had more than a twinge of guilt because the first thing that sprang to my mind was that her twit of a husband would somehow exploit it for political gain.
Turns out I shouldn’t have beaten myself up over it. From Mary Ann Akers of the Washington Post:

When you visit the John Edwards for President Web site, you’re invited to send a sympathy note to the Edwardses. And tens of thousands of well wishers have done so since that heart-wrenching news conference two weeks ago at which Elizabeth Edwards courageously discussed her incurable cancer.
What those well wishers get in return — e-mail messages soliciting contributions to Edwards’s campaign.



  1. I have met JE twice. I’m not a big fan. And I like trial lawyers in general. He was nice both times I met him, but it just feels like pretty much everything he says is to the 12 people in the box with verdict power.
    I dated a girl who’s dad was a really big, big money trial lawyer. Worked on the original tobacco suit, that kind of thing. I’d watch him in court sometimes, and it was pretty cool, because the guy that he was at home (folksy, people person, bright but not beat you over the head with it), was the guy he was in court, only a little more aggressive. If that’s the case with JE, let’s just say I hope never to have his kid drown in my pool.
    I’m sure he’s good; he’s got the fortune to prove it.
    It’s a sad commentary on our justice system, but I’m afraid the old saying is all too true:
    A jury is 12 people who get together and decide who has the best lawyer.

  2. He’s a successful politician. That makes it almost impossible for him to be anything but slime. He’s a lawyer; they are literally trained to be slime, and in fact are banned (by lawmakers who are mostly lawyers) from practicing without that training, even though many of the best lawyers in history lacked it.
    He’s also a socialist, which is the worst kind of politician or lawyer.
    The poor sap really has the odds set against him, when it comes to good vs evil. He’s almost doomed to be closer to the latter.
    Hi Kaz–
    Don’t forget ‘Pretty Boy’ in your menu of criticisms.  Click here to see what I mean.

  3. I haven’t seen anyone worth voting for, but I am barely paying any attention though. He does seem to be the “cleanest” of them, no skeletons in the closet to speak of… Yet!
    I would rather have a clapped-out whore monger who had some character about his beliefs than someone with no skeletons in his closet.

  4. Please, Tony Snow is receiving just as much concern. Did you see that fawning interview from Katie Couric? If you scroll down on Edwards’ site, I’m sure he expresses his condolences.
    Hi Seyont–
    You obviously missed the point of the post.  Last time I checked Tony Snow wasn’t running for anything and wasn’t trying to raise funds.  I’m sure Katie Couric would have given just as fawning an interview to John Edward’s wife, which is apropos of nothing as far as the post was concerned.
    Edwards solicited “Good Wishes’ letters for his wife, then used the email addresses he captured from these people sending nice messages to bombard  them with solicitations for funds for his campaign.  Despicable but not surprising.

  5. I’m from North Carolina, and my problem with John Edwards is the same problem I have with almost every politicians–where do they stand on the issues? Yeah, I know they are against war (in general) and for moms in particular, against violence (in general) and for apple pie (or Toll House cookies), but on why don’t any of them have the guts to spell out where they stand on controversial issues and just let the chips fall where they may?
    If you buy a “Protein Power” book, you KNOW you are getting a book about low carb dieting–and I, for one, appreciate that.
    Hi Rodney–
    My problem with Edwards is that I know exactly where he stands, and that’s what scares me.
    Beware the rich guy with the giant mansion who is all for the poor.  The guy who is rich as Croesus who says that there are two Americas, one for the rich and one for the poor.  And he wants to fix it. It screams demagoguery.


  6. If what you say is true, it really is despicable. I’m Canadian and we have our own share of political idiots but this wins the “Most Despicable” award.
    btw, I’ve never heard of him. What faction is he with, I mean party?
    Hi Hellistile–
    He’s a Democrat, but I wouldn’t tar the whole Democratic party with the Edward brush.  I would hope that most wouldn’t stoop that low.

  7. I agree with you– Edwards is nothing more than a snake-oil salesman whose actions are 100% for his own advancement. I hope like hell that he does not get the Democratic nomination!
    You and I both.

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