Started off the day today with a black cherry shake made for me by my lovely wife.

Black cherry shake Dec 4, 2008
Black cherry shake Dec 4, 2008

The recipe for this is:
6 oz water
1.5 -2 scoops vanilla protein powder (low carb)
1 cup of ice
1 oz coconut milk
1/2 oz Torani Sugar-Free Black Cherry syrup
Worked all morning on all the comments that had stacked up while I played golf yesterday.  At lunchtime, MD and I ran out to get our mail and go to our local market and get a chicken.  The rotisseried chickens at this market are about two bucks more than at the other markets in town, but are much, much tastier.  MD is convinced it is because these chickens have been brined before roasting.  It does make a huge difference.  All the other chickens look as good, but taste kind of bland.  Here is the whole chicken as it comes.
Rotisserie chicken Dec 4, 2008
Rotisserie chicken Dec 4, 2008

MD carves it, splits it up, and plates it all out.  We have developed a way of sharing.  I get two wings and a drumstick and thigh.  She gets a drumstick and thigh and the skin from the breast.  She saves the breast meat for soup, which I’ll probably end up having before the week is out.
My share of the chicken Dec 4, 2008
My share of the chicken Dec 4, 2008

We had to run a couple of errands downtown, so we decided to eat at one of our hangouts, Dargan’s Irish Pub.  We ordered a pint of cider while waiting for our food and another pint about halfway through.  I love hard cider.  Not a bad deal carbwise either if it’s the dry kind, which this is.
First cider Dec 4, 2008
First cider Dec 4, 2008

Second cider Dec 4, 2008
Second cider Dec 4, 2008

For supper I had a 12 ounce rib eye steak with a Portobello mushroom sauce on it and extra vegetables.  Unfortunately for me, the vegetables that came with it were steamed broccoli and carrots, heavy on the broccoli.  I used to like broccoli a lot, but I’ve since become kind of burned out on it.  But I ate it anyway.  A little butter, salt and pepper helped it go down.
Steak at Dargan's Dec 4, 2008
Steak at Dargan

After we left Dargan’s we decided to run down to the Granada to see the marquis all lit up.  Here is a photo from across the street.  You can see the headline for the Messiah on the right.  The Granada is a fabulous place.  I’ll be in a box there Saturday night (one of the perks of being married to the president), and I’ll take some pictures.  There is a fru fru party after, so I’ll have my trusty camera to record any noshing I may do.
Granada theater Santa Barbara Dec 4, 2008 (click to enlarge)
Granada theater Santa Barbara Dec 4, 2008 (click to enlarge)

Here is a freezing MD posing in front of the poster for the Messiah.
MD in front of Granada Dec 4, 2008
MD in front of Granada Dec 4, 2008

And a close up of the poster.
Messiah poster Dec 4, 2008
Messiah poster Dec 4, 2008

After we got home, we started the final season of the House of Cards Trilogy, a Brit series about the infighting in parliament and the Prime Minister’s office.  One of the best things I’ve ever seen done for television.  Was originally shown in the early 1990s.  While watching, I got a hankering for some Izarra, a Basque aromatic liqueur.  I had a tiny glass and sipped on it while the show was playing.
Izarra Dec 4, 2008
Izarra Dec 4, 2008


  1. Dr Mike,
    “Soloist Casting by Marilyn Horne”. Legend!
    Michael Richards
    P.S. Wot’s this about your alcohol consumption? Pretty low by Aussie standards, if you ask me!
    Yep, Marilyn Horne is working with MD’s group on this one. And she is a legend. MD says she is very nice.

  2. It is amazing how descriptive and detailed your pictures are. I truly felt like I was there with you guys enjoying a day in Santa Barbara. It really is a great experience for your listeners, readers and admirers to almost see you that intimate! I keep my fingers crossed, but if you ever decide to do a video blog….. that would be such a hit!
    On another note I happen to speak with a lot of students at Suny Downstate. As Ironic as it was the medical student I was talking to happened to be from San Diego. Very nice and mellow guy. I was drinking my protein shake and we started talking about weith loss and fitness when he started talking about Dr Feinman and how much he disagreed with him. Ok, I soon realized the guy was a comitted vegetarian. But he went on and on how Feinman wasnt having it any other way unless you agreed that low carb was it. I tried to explain to him that soemof us are really devoted to this lifestyle and for many reasons.
    I was suprised to hear from him though that Mr Richard loves to eat grapefruit and that he is very fong of them. I know he loves diet snapple, but is it true that he eats lots of grapefruits? I wont tell him you told me! I love grapefruit but at one time ate so many of them along with other citrus and bananas that wont eat them for a while. I lived in former Soviet Union for 18 years of my life and tried orange once. There werent many oranges around in sub o climate. So you can only imagine how many of them I devoured when I first came here. Its a great thing to be free even if it means all you can eat oranges!
    I haven’t a clue as to what Dr. Feinman eats or whether he likes grapefruit or not. It’s never come up.

  3. .. and i always took you for a breast man.
    The chicken the chicken you smut mongers
    Nope, I’m a leg man in both chickens and women.

  4. You can’t beat a good rib eye. As for brocolli, i’ve also lost my appetite for it; i am now back to referring to it as ‘why would i want to eat little trees’, as i did as a kid. Cider, i’ve drunk my fair share. my old local off licencse in dublin was chock-full of different brands. a little know fact is that cider is fairly high in iron.

  5. Still haven’t brined one of my roast or smoked chickens. They come out juicy and good anyways. Going to try though since we did the turkey that way. Don’t think it would do the smoked much good but maybe I’ll do a test, since I usually do at least two at a time.
    I though hard cider was carby? I’ll have to check it out. I used to love a Black Velvet (half Guinness and cider), sometimes mistakenly called a Snakebite among other names, to start the night off. Guinness is surprisingly lower carb than you would think. Not enough for me to drink them like I used to, about 10 pints not counting shots of Jack Daniels. Good thing those days are past for the most part. Now I drink mainly whiskey, red wine and lite beer on occasion, and not nearly in the quantities I used to.

  6. I love your food diary and the food. Yum.
    I’m pretty much zero carb right now, gave up all alcohol to get rid of the belly fat. Hopefully this will work since nothing else has yet.
    Good luck. Keep me posted. And get your hormone levels checked. It’s tough to lose without those getting adjusted.

  7. Geezum crow! I have glasses almost exactly like the one you had your Izarra in! They were handed down to me from my grandmother.
    They’re what I drink my Jameson’s in when I’m cutting back. If I fill it up so that the level is right in between the top leaf and the bottom leaf (see the border?), It’s exactly 1.5 ounces. A perfect sipping amount!
    By the by, you’re making it very hard for me to stick to my “no alcohol until I lose the menopause pounds” rule!!!
    Our glasses were handed down as well. Steady on. Keep to your vow. Once you get where you want to be, you can bring on the booze and should be fine.

  8. Well, your food photos have me drooling every day!
    But I just read a news story that made me lose my appetite a bit and wondered if you’ve seen the proposed EPA regulations that would impose carbon impact fees on livestock producers (because animal fart and belch). Part of the rationale noted in the story was that this would force us to eat less meat and have producers switch to “healthier” crops. I fired off an e-mail to my Congressional representatives that a number of citizens don’t happen to think that meat is less healthy than “healthier” crops, and I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of having to depend on foreign produced meat products. I had a few other comments as well, but it just drove home to me how entrenched the idea that meat isn’t healthy seems to be.
    This nonsense is a huge worry. Especially with our new president elect. You’re doing the best thing you can do, which is to contact your representatives and give them an earful.

  9. If you like “House of Cards,” I’d recommend “The Sandbaggers,” also available on DVD. It is a little older than the Urquhart saga but is a fascinating Cold War spy series set in London.
    Thanks. I’ll put it on my Netflix list. We’ve gone through all the Inspector Morse, A Touch of Frost, Foyle’s War (our favorite, so far), House of Cards, and now are working through Prime Suspect. We’ve been wondering what we’re going to watch this winter (when we do most of our DVD watching) when we’ve gone through the rest of the Prime Suspect videos.

  10. Dr Eades I have almost had with close minded people who cant stand low carb way of living or people who pursue this lifestyle. I spoke with my first cousin last night after not seing or hearing him forever and we happended to stumble upon diet conversation. As soon as he heard me saying I decided to finally convert to lowcarbing, he lost all his senses. You should have hear what he said. Oh my God, one would think I had just converted to devilism and totally abondaned the humanity! He is a great doctor, he works in Sloan Memorial as a hemotology cancer speicalist, I dont know exactly his specialty. Ok, the guy did graduate from John Hopkins, and????? What a hell does he know about weight loss, low carb or not, he is also overweight!
    So I finally decided to go ahead and celebrate low carb of living my way as soon as I loose all the weight! I have about 60 pounds to go to reach my dream weight of 160, which I smelled few times before, but never actually touched it. Its only 60 pounds, did I just say only?????
    But I can and will lose it! And when I will here is exactly what I will do to celebrate it:
    I will go to the famous Coney Island beach , get naked and dive into the cold water of the Atlantic ocean on Polar Bear day, which I used ot do regularly any wa. There are lots of media there that day, and it happens on January 1st. I will write a message on my butt for all low carb dislikers and will read ;; I did it my low carb way and those who have a problem with low carb arro—– can kiss my you know what, long live Dr Atkin and low carb! I am not sure where I will have anouph space after loosing all that weight, may be I will need to shorten a message a bit!
    But imagine headlines in the media ” Crazy local russian guy gets arrrested for indecent exposure after diving naked into Atlantic ocean to celbrate his weith loss success on low carb diet! I am sure I will raise an awareness for low carbers all over the place!
    I dont know if I find other low carbers to do it with me in NYC, but if I do, hey all the better! But I will make this celebration memorable at least!
    And I found out from my paralegal buddy its only a misdeamenor in nyc, and I will have to probably pay a fine. Not a big price to pay to see all thes MD’s at my work faces next day!
    Make sure to take photos. I’ll post them. Arrest and all.

  11. Brining definitely better than just roasting or roasting with basting. Of course, I like Pollo ala Brasa (the rubbed chicken that requires an actual South American contingent), which isn’t brined, but they rub the hell out of it. I think Peruvians make the best.
    MD should wear socks if she’s gonna be freezing. Always wonder how and why women frequently don’t.
    Good old Frances Urquhart. That was one of the three or four best TV miniseries ever. Up there with Winds of War and that one about the Mexican drug king on NBC a few years back.
    “You might very well think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.” Classic!
    She didn’t wear socks because we didn’t intend to go outside other than the walk from the parking structure to Dargan’s, which is about 30 yards. Plus the temp dropped significantly (for California) between the time we went into Dargan’s and the time we came out and decided to head down to look at the Granada.
    To bad we don’t have an FU on the scene here. We might be able to get something done.
    And the line you quoted is a classic. What a brilliant job Richardson did.

  12. How do you know if a protein powder is low carb?
    And where again do you get the cherry syrup?
    Look on the nutritional facts label on the back. If it says 0-6 carbs per serving, it’s low carb.
    You can order the Torina Sugar Free Black Cherry syrup in specialty food stores or you can order it through Amazon.

  13. I make protein shakes, too, but I add about 8-10 grams of MCT oil, which really improves the flavor and the mouth-feel. Plus, it adds a healthy oil to the mix.
    We actually do this, too. We are just out of MCT oil right now, and haven’t gone out to get more.

  14. I am thoroughly enjoying your food diary expose. Good stuff. I have often wondered what other low carbers eat. The photos make it easy to relate.
    Here’s a new post on fatty liver and insulin resistance that explains why even those who do not have a gut can be IR. As far as I know ultrasound will pick up fatty liver. Is this the best test?
    Body Shape and Heart Disease Risk: Apple Or Pear Shape Is Not Main Culprit To Heart Woes — It’s Liver Fat
    ScienceDaily (Dec. 4, 2008) — For years, pear-shaped people who carry weight in the thighs and backside have been told they are at lower risk for high blood pressure and heart disease than apple-shaped people who carry fat in the abdomen. But new findings from nutrition researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis suggest body-shape comparisons don’t completely explain risk. In two studies, they report excess liver fat appears to be the real key to insulin resistance, cholesterol abnormalities and other problems that contribute to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
    Fatty liver is a huge problem, almost of epidemic proportions. We deal with it thoroughly in the new book because it is indeed a major cause of IR. Ultrasound works somewhat do diagnose it, but most researchers seem to use NMR. A study published a couple of years ago looked at normal (not diabetic) adults in the Dallas area and found 34 percent of them to have fatty livers. There cut off was 2 standard deviations above the mean, which means that these 34 percent have more fat than 97.5 percent of the rest of the population. A study from San Diego showed that a large percentage of kids are even developing it. I posted on this study and the disorder a few years ago.

  15. What kind of protein powder were you using? Sounds really good..
    MRM Whey protein powder. Available all over the place.

  16. I apologize if you answered this before, but I seem to have lost track of where I posted this question: I get frequent migraines, and many (not all) of the triggers are high protein foods — soy, nuts, aged or preserved meats, cheese). Eggs don’t agree with me. This leaves me with a very small selection of high protein foods — basically, fresh cooked meats. Do you have any suggestions for easy meals and snacks with just this food?
    If you look at all these photo diet diaries, you can see how we eat with fresh cooked meats. We also like to eat cold chicken and even hamburger patties that we reheat for snacks.

  17. I am curious about your choice of beverage at lunch…
    Cider has 13g of carbs/half liter (pint). It even has more carbs than beer, and port wine in similar servings. Alcohol is quite high in carbs and probably not a good choice for weight loss or eating “low-carb”. These carbs will stimulate the release of insulin, which of course is lipogenetic, atherogenic, and accelerates the course towards insulin resistance.
    But of course alcohol does have well-known vascular benefits….
    Your quote Dec 3, Food Blog: ” I’ve drunk much more booze of one kind or another tonight than I almost ever do. But, how often does a guy win a pair of Nike Tiger Woods designed golf shoes. Back on the straight and narrow manana.”
    The carb count depends on the cider. In this case the cider has about 10 grams per pint, but more alcohol. And I hadn’t had many carbs throughout the rest of the day, so those in the cider still kept me under my limit. And I’m not trying to lose, just to maintain, so my carb limits are higher than if I were trying to lose.
    As to the quote, I intended to write ‘the day after manana.’

  18. i agree with you on broccoli…i don’t stomach it to well. I don’t like to many veggies of any kind…i keep them pretty low. I focus mostly on the animal fat and protein! Like you, i save alot of my carbs for drinks with friends, or the carbs that come in raw milk!! As for the chicken…dark meat rules…the breast is almost always dry…if you don’t make it yourself.
    keep the diary coming!!!
    t r o y

  19. Dr Eades, we have a deal. I will send you all the photos. Its too late for this year, but I can definitely shed 60 pounds of fat from my body nest time Polar Bear day rolls around. I dont think it would be the best publicity for low carb lifestyle, but bad publicity still attracts attention and I totally will do it when I reach my dream weight! I have been thinking about the way to celebrate and my cousin made it easier by killing Atkins and his preaching low carb!
    Dr Eades are there any side effects from erythritol other than some abdominal discomfort, which by the way I have never exprienced. I love erythritol and have been using it for all recipes, from cheesecake to protein shake. It is cheaper than stevia and in my opinion is bettter tasting and sweeter. And its relatively cheap to buy in bulk. Any experience dealing with erythritol. Have there been any studies on potential danger or anything like that?
    I know of no side effects other than GI discomfort. I don’t know how much is absorbed and what it might to to blood sugar. Get a glucometer and check on yourself.

  20. Dr Eades I cant help but bring it up. I always read Vadim’s menus on Jimmy Moore website and he doesnt stop to amuse me. But I think he is a bit naive in his apporach to loose weight through portein shakes and too stubborn to listen to me and just give it up! Unfortunately like a lot of guys he wants to be a man and to win, but at times winning means being reasonable and setting up for failure by raising a bar too high! Its a shame that a lot of overweight people chose this all or nothing way of living! If I cheated, then hell with it, I might as well blow the gasket now!
    Here is his latest and funny pick into the diet! Dr Mike I know your time is precious, but may be your take on his failures and advice can open his mind a bit more and make him listen. He eats ton at night and cant control his demons so to speak.
    Why are jewish men circumsized? Thursday menus!
    Great, now jewish jokes! Why are jewish men circumsized? Because jewish women refuse to touch anything unless it is 20 % off or more!
    What does it have to do with me, you ask? Everything and nothing! Why do my fat cells have so MANY soldiers that they put up a great fight to give them up? I dont know, but am sure I need to find out very soon! If I didnt make any sense up to now, it makes sense. It is 2 am in NYC and I have been sleep deprived for the past week. Ok, back to the joke and my fat cells. What I was trying to say basically is that i need to circumsize my appetite big time, otherwise what I am doing to myself is not going to be very Kosher! I was doing great all day until night creeped quitely onto my body. And then It hit me! It hit me big time! It was very strong and It was very demanding, and It was relentless, and It broght Them! It and Them were attacking me from all angels, until I finally asked for mercy. It and Them! They won today! It was hunger and them were my fat cells! I couldnt fall asleep. I said no way, no how I am eating at 12 am. I was counting stars, didnt help! I was on a warm Hawaii beach looking at the stars, didnt help! I was Bradd Pitt and she was…. never mind, ok thaqt helped a bit, but not for long! And then I got up, and went quitely into the fridge. I looked ever so innocenly into the choices and then…… I was off and running with food! I gave up tonight! I gave in to fat cells! I felt shameful, weak and not Kosher! Kosher it wasnt, but it was human and it was low carb my way! I am still fighting this war hard, I won few battles and lost few others. but the war is far from over! Just time to regroup, restructure and refocus! I did a major mistake by skipping lunch and basically dinner. I was busy, very busy! Work demand are growing expadentually with impendin g Holidays and I am trying to be the MAN! So no more skipping meals! I cant stand to loose any more! It makes me craaaaaaaaazy! I know I can do it and I know it will, even if it means i have to suck on those ascorbic acids ( vit c ) until my mucosa of the tongue bleeds! I did once and it worked great. It does work, but it is not Kosher either! May be I am craving for love, could it be? I broke with my ex after we had a fight and as I was walking away from it letting her win, she said “‘ Thats not how normal people fight”’ I ddint say nothing at that moment realizing she was right, thats not how normal people fight, they just dont fight! She wasnt Kosher and I sent her to archives! I dont know why I cant seem to control the hunger at night, is it my subconscious mind? Are my insecurities acting up if I have them? May be repressed memories, oh God I have a few! Is it that I am craving to beloved, by me? Love my body? I never seemed to accept who I was and how my body looked! May be it is time for me to be Kosher! And that means lots of circumsizing! I must circumsize my insecurities, I must circumsize my low body image, I must circumsize my demons! And you know I will! Ok, if you still made it this far reading all of it, you are either crazy or a trully caring person and I will definitely not circumsize you!!!! Because you are allready Kosher!
    Hmmm. A little magnesium may help. And I’m certainly not Kosher.

  21. Katya, thank you for playing Freud on me . Will you stop! It was just a bad night, thats all. Ok, I will change my ways if it will make you happy so you stop chestizing me. I just want to finish this challenge for psychological reasons. Plus I have been working long hours and working out a lot. After all that food I still think I lost weight. I do ton of weight lifitng, body for life style, which is very intense. And if you look at my photos you can see I dont look nothing like a typical overweight perosn. People are shocked when I tell them how much I weigh. I know I need to loose weight for health reasons and to finally be able to like my body. But I am not depressed or desperate or anything that you might get people to believe. You see Dr Eades its a woman’s nature to always play a mother or nurture you when not asked for. Katya I love you, but you are just as crazy! And stop helping everyone when they dont ask you! Go get your husband and leave him alone. I know you bother him during meals with your girlish stories and I know he hates it just as much as I do.
    Perhaps you and Katya should carry on this correspondence between the two of you via email instead of here publicly. Thanks.

  22. Vadim, thats what you ate last night! I will let the jury of your peers decide!
    11 am-
    2 scoops of Chocolite whey protein= 150 calories
    1 glass of Countdown milk= 100 calories
    1 tablespoon of cocoa= 50 cal
    2 tablespoon of light organic coconut milk= 50 cal
    1/2 cup of blueberry= 50 cal
    1 am-
    20 scallops wrapped in bacom= 1000 calories ( rouph estimate ) they werent big, it was just lots of them, lol!
    1.5 cups of cottage cheese= 300 cal
    2 tablespoon of almond butter= 200 cal
    2 meatballs small= 180 calories
    4 oz turkey breast = 200 caloris
    1 cup of cauliflower= 200 calories
    No more feuding on these pages. I’ll delete anything else that comes in.

  23. The very best of luck for the Messiah this weekend ! If I lived closer I’d come ! I’ve been listening to our CD of it this afternoon and singing along 🙂
    We had organic rib eye steak for supper just now, but only 8oz steaks, we had them with roasted brussel sprouts sprinkled with pieces of grilled pancetta bacon 🙂 And a glass of red wine from our local cave in the Languedoc, France 🙂
    bon appétit,
    Your meal sounds great.
    Too bad you can’t make the Messiah. It’s going to be a great one. MD had a long interview in today’s paper that isn’t up on the paper’s website yet (they have a terrible website) or I would link to it. The soloists picked by Marilyn Horne are phenomenal. I can’t wait to hear it Saturday night.

  24. Dr. Eades. Much thanks for your work on this blog. I think it is rare for a best selling author who certainly no longer has a financial incentive to put forth the work you put into this blog. Your postings are among the most original an insightful you have read and your patience in the comment response (especially looking at the post above mine) puts you up as a candidate for sainthood. I hope you will have the fortitude to continue to do this far into the future because I enjoy and am very educated by your blog. Best to you and your family. By the way, your drinking is certainly not too much (your heavy day would be considered light by many standards) and you have great taste in that department.
    Thanks. I appreciate it. But I do have an incentive. It’s all that money I make from Amazon when people buy stuff through the site. 🙂

  25. Hi Dr Eades,
    Thanks for these menu blogs; the visual image is very helpful.
    Another British TV crime series you’d enjoy is Judge John Deed. Check it out!
    Thanks. I’ll give it a look.

  26. David, I am not the wolrd’s expert on abdominal ultrasound. I do part time adult echocardiography. But I did graduate from supposedly best ultrasound school in the country. It is called Suny downstate DMI program. It stands for diagnostical medical imaging ( just a fancy name for ultrasound ) . I havent done abdominal scans for a while, but I can tell you first hand, abdominal ultrasound is the most subjective test out there in diagnsoing fatty liver or diffuse fatty liver as radiologist call like to call it at times. It is very operator dependent. And the reason our school was the first in the country to make our program a bachelor degree twas because a lot of shcool produced these techs that were more of photographers than diagnostic operators. And given the fact that radiologists are the buisest people and dont have time to double check our work, you make the conclusion how operator dependent unltrasound is. Plus when I do dynamic scanning live I see mulitude of pictures but when I give it to radiologist I chose only those still images that I believe are conducive to the dignosis. Abdominal ultrasound is excellent in diagnosing any disease that is fluid friendly. Kidney stones, gallbladder stones and slush, hemangiomas of all sort are all excellent pathology to pick up. Fatty liver is the most subjective and I have seen many case where a different transducer or different TGC will make a differnce between one having a true fatty liver and one having a bad case of understudied tech! There is a lot of ultrasound physics in ultrasound and I needed to take an ultrasound physics test to get my license. I wouldnt bore with all the technicality, but I would only rely on trusted tech or a good radiologist to diagniose me with diffuse liver disease! But dont get me wrong if a spealist does the test ultrasound is a very valuable and quite accurate way to do it, and it is by far the cheapest too!

  27. Doc Eades, When you say “have your hormones checked’ which ones do you mean exactly? And what levels do you recommend boosting them to? I assume you are talking about compounding bioidentical hormones. Perhaps you have this info in one of your books? If so can you point to which one?
    It seems to me to be holistic, you would need to check estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, thyroid, cortisol, insulin, etc., etc. Doctors I’ve been to are very reluctant to do this kind of thorough testing or prescribe hormones if you are not having some diagnosed problem. My friends who get bioidentical hormones have to go to an alternative doctor not on insurance and still they only test the sex hormones which seem insufficient to me. Can you give a little more detail on how to accomplish proper hormone levels….thanks
    I am talking about compounding bioidentical hormones. A discussion of all these issues is beyond the scope of the comment section. MD is the real knowledgeable one of us in this matter. I’m trying to get her to put up an entire long post about it. We do address the issue in the new book, but not in huge depth.

  28. Vadim, thank you for your input on abdominal ultrasound.
    What I find both puzzling and deeply disturbing is that magnesium deficiency in the general population based on diet analysis and a whimsical RDA is apparently an uncontested fact as is fatty liver as a primary cause of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Yet it is rare for an MD to even consider these factors. Instead of putting a patient on magnesium in response to an elevated CRP level, in the post Jupiter era most MDs will without hesitation write a script for their favorite statin.
    Similarly, in response to a 12 hour fasting BG over 126, an MD will start their patient on diabetic medications.
    I have come to the inescapable conclusion that any MD with skills in problem solving and uncommon, common sense as Dr. Eades is obviously well endowed with will opt out of practicing medicine if for no other than to put some distance between themselves and the lamebrains who think they are doing something smart when they prescribe a therapeutic drug as a first response to a condition.
    I am too am grateful and appreciate of the efforts of the Eades in maintaining this blog. I spend far more time on this site than I do on all the other sites I visit on the web combined.
    Thanks, David. That is a very nice and much appreciated compliment.
    I agree with you about the lack of critical thinking on the part of most doctors. It really is pitiful. I’m also puzzled by the fact that no one much in the media is addressing the huge problem of non-alcoholic liver disease (NAFLD), which is of epidemic proportions. We address it at length in the new book, but I haven’t seen it get more than a mention, if that, anywhere else. And it’s bad news. The liver specialists all know about it. In fact, the major hepatology journal has an entire section of each issue devoted to it, but, still, I doubt that 10 percent of practicing physicians have a clue. Stranger yet, in all the journal articles I’ve read speculating on the best treatment for the condition, the primary advice is…drum roll please…a low-fat diet, especially a low-saturated-fat diet. Maybe given the mind sets of most academicians, that’s not so strange. But what is strange is this advice in the face of the evidence. I’ve found two studies in which diet was actually used (as opposed to being speculated about) in the treatment of NAFLD, and both diets used successfully were low-carb diets. In both papers, the low-carb diet drove the livers of the subjects to shed fat like crazy. Yet these dopes out there continue to recommend low-fat diets, which most likely make the problem worse.

  29. It’s encouraging to see how much beef you eat. I have worried that I was relying on beef too much in my diet and inadvertently causing some unintended health consequence. but it seems like you are getting in a burger or steak of some sort almost every day.
    thanks for posting these. I just need to find a wife who will cook like MD.
    I originally acquired MD through a rent-with-option-to-purchase program. Perhaps I could sublease her out. 🙂

  30. ” We’ve been wondering what we’re going to watch this winter”:
    “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” is good, as is “Reilly, Ace of Spies.” I also recommend “Keen Eddie,” an offbeat, failed comedy/drama set in London.
    And if you haven’t seen it, you really should try “Deadwood.” Makes the Sopranos look like Little House on the Prairie. But in a good way.
    Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve not seen any of these, including Deadwood and the Sopranos. I know, I know, I’m probably the only person living in America who hasn’t watched the Sopranos, but I haven’t. MD and I aren’t TV watchers. We like to watch DVDs of older shows that we can watch on our own schedule. We don’t keep up with what’s new and hot on TV, so we aren’t even aware of most of these shows until they have run their course. The only show we’ve ever watched near the time of its actual broadcast was The Wire, which we thought excellent. We started getting the DVDs for the first four seasons during the 5th season. We finally watched the 5th season a month or two ago after it finally came out on DVD. Great, great series if you haven’t seen it.

  31. Hi Dr. Eades,
    What are your thoughts on artificial sweeteners on insulin levels? Some think that simply the sweet taste (be it sugar or what-have-you) can stimulate insulin production.
    I surmise you do not subscribe to this hypothesis, but I would love any insight from you.
    Thanks in advance.
    I’m going to paste my response to another commenter a few days ago:
    There is some evidence that the taste of sweetness [even from an artificial sweetener] can prompt a little squirt of insulin – the so-called first phase insulin response. As long as the sweet taste is followed by a little carb or protein, it doesn’t much matter because the insulin will have something to act on. If it isn’t followed by carb or protein, then there is some evidence that the little pulse of insulin may drop blood sugar, which sends a hunger signal to the brain. There are studies on both sides of this issue, so it’s either an individual thing or the jury is still out.

  32. Brining sure does make chickens taste a lot better. But most brines include sugar, not just salt. I wonder how many carbs they typically add?
    Some people use a little sugar, but MD uses only Kosher salt.

  33. ME: I’ve found two studies in which diet was actually used (as opposed to being speculated about) in the treatment of NAFLD, and both diets used successfully were low-carb diets. In both papers, the low-carb diet drove the livers of the subjects to shed fat like crazy. Yet these dopes out there continue to recommend low-fat diets, which most likely make the problem worse.
    This makes perfect sense. I suspect that IF LC would in some ways be even more beneficial that LC alone. Since switching to low carb eating I take 60 day courses of Milk Thistle at 600 mg of the active ingredient a few times a year. I am just guessing that this will be of benefit because it is next to impossible to find any medical professional in my area who could even begin to see any logic in my being concerned about fatty liver.
    On another matter, I want to start buying as many things as I can through your web site. I assume that if go through your Amazon link it will allow me to jump to their Canadian branch where I have an account set up.
    Where is the link for the supplements? Maybe I am missing something obvious. But I don’t see it.
    Thanks again for all you do.
    I don’t know if going through the portal on the blog then to the Canadian site would work or not. Give it a try. Problem is we won’t know unless I know what you purchase and when. If you want to send me the title of a book you purchased and the date, I can look it up on one of the Amazon reports to see.
    I’m not sure I know what you mean by the link for supplements. If it is the link to the supplements we have on our website, it’s here.

  34. I too am hoping to learn more about bioidentical hormones when time for MD to post allows.
    Now, where do you get your coconut milk? At the grocery store?
    (I’ve got all the other ingredients assembled and waiting, including a protein powder with only one gram of carb per serving) and I’m dying to make a cherry shake.
    We get our coconut milk at the grocery store. Most grocery stores have either an Asian food or an ethnic food section. That’s where it usually is. The can we have now is Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk (unsweetened, premium, not light). MD says you want the premium not the light (lite?).

  35. Messiah time again! I’m jealous – could you use another alto or tenor? I know the alto part pretty much by heart, having sung for several years with a chorus that performed it several times a year in NYC, and can read the tenor part as we contralto types were drafted to fill in for the chronically understaffed tenors on occasion.
    About the coconut milk – got to be careful with Thai kitchen to get the actual Thailand product, not the Indonesian, as the Indonesian is loaded with soy lecithin and is grainy and awful. My favorite brand is Natural Value Organic, which has a nice texture without emulsifiers.
    Question – I’ve never tried MCT oil – why would one use it instead of coconut oil?
    MD says she needs both tenors and altos. Come audition in August.
    Our can of Thai Kitchen says it comes from the first press of coconuts from Thailand, so I would assume we get the real stuff. I’ll pass along to MD and Natural Value Organic idea.
    I don’t know why one would use MCT instead of coconut oil. Maybe the taste.

  36. Sandra wrote about …”the proposed EPA regulations that would impose carbon impact fees on livestock producers (because animal fart and belch). ”
    I’m pretty sure that the animals DO NOT do it. At list grass fed cows don’t. In my teen years, I spend many summers at the farm around cows helping with milking and feeding.
    Someone should challenge EPA requesting to prove this “fact”.

  37. It would make sense that feeding cattle grain, which is much higher in simpler starch and sugar than grass and other natural forage, would increase the rate of fermentation (and gas production) in the rumen.
    I know I do a lot more farting and belching when I eat carby foods. Maybe there should be a carbon tax on those.

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