Now that Jeanine Pirro has thrown her hat in the ring for the U.S. Senate race against Hillary, I’m going to lie back in the weeds and watch the fireworks.
Jeanine is the 50 something, telegenic Westchester DA whom I’m sure you’ve seen as a talking head during the trials of Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson. She has one major stumbling block that I know of, and that is that her husband has had a criminal conviction and doesn’t have the squeakiest clean of reputations.
Hillary has her own husband problems of which we’re all familiar.
Here are a couple of takes on the upcoming battle: one from Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News, the other from a mass emailing I received from Dick Morris.
I always love to get Dick Morris’s take on anything involving the Clintons since he was an insider in the administration and was the brains behind all of Bill Clinton’s election victories. He knows them well. The only Bill Clinton campaigns he didn’t play a part in were the one’s Bill lost: once early on when running for congress and once when he was voted out of the governor’s office in Arkansas. Morris, although it easy to see that he loathes Hillary (not necessarily in this piece, but I’ve heard him speak enough times that I’m sure of it), considers her a formidable candidate, and on a number of occasions I’ve heard him predict her as our next president.

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