Researchers at the University of Minnesota replaced the carbohydrate in their diabetic patients’ diets with protein and tracked the changes in blood sugar. They found that the blood sugar reduction was comparable to that found with anti-diabetic drugs. And, there was no reduction in kidney function. They published their results in Nutrition & Metabolism.
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  1. I quite believe that — the moment I low-carb I begin feeling better — every time!
    The problem, though, Doctor, is that my husband has gout and he has been advised to cut out proteins from his diet — what should somebody like him do if he/she wants to low-carb?
    Hi Rita–
    I would check for another doctor with low-carb experience under his or her belt. We use the low-fat diet to treat gout; it works very well. The idea that cutting protein to treat gout is out of date.

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