I figured I would share a few photos for those of you who have never been to Lake Tahoe. At this time of year the weather can turn on a dime. I took the above photo from our back deck a few mornings ago when the weather was pretty spectacular.
Not long after I took that photo a storm started moving in across the lake, so I took a picture of that, which you can see below.
The next morning the storm, which brought some rain to us here on the lake, sprinkled the mountains over by Squaw Valley with snow, which can be seen on the photo below.
If you ever have the opportunity to come up here in September or October or the late spring, bring clothing appropriate for all kinds of weather – heat, cold, rain, wind and snow. And bring your camera because it is one of the most beautiful places in the country.  We are truly lucky to be able to live here.


  1. Mike,
    Those views are spectacular! It looks like a fantastic place to spend time, and I am green with envy. There are some really nice places to look at in this part of the world too (New Zealand). Unfortunately, we don’t get out of Auckland enough to visit them.
    And now for something completely different, I have a very specific question that doesn’t relate to any of your other blogs. So I am asking it here. It is about glycogen and and how it is used/stored. I understand that glucose is stored in muscles as glycogen, and that it is used to fuel anaerobic exercise. My question is this : Is insulin used to replenish glycogen reserves after exercise. And, after it has been turned back into glucose during exercise, is insulin required for this glucose to be used for generating energy? Is glycogen actually stored inside or outside muscle cells.
    The reason for the question is that, as a type 1 diabetic, I am trying to understand my insulin requirements during and after exercise. Aerobic exercise seems to make blood glucose levels go down, while anaerobic exercise makes blood glucose go up, both during and after exercise.
    Hi Mark–
    What you ask is way beyond the scope of a comment answer. I’ll see if I can’t work up a post on glycogen storage and use in the future.

  2. I love Lake Tahoe. We live in the Bay Area, so when we were kids, we went up with our parents once a year for fun as a family trip (always South Side…only once did we stay on North Side, and as kids, we were EXTREMELY bored). We used to always get the breakfast buffet at the restaurant at the top of the Harrah’s there. It looks like you may live on the Nevada side? Or at least close by it?
    Hey Michael–
    We do indeed live on the Nevada side in a little community called Incline Village.

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