I’m not going to be as active posting for the next few days because MD and I are giving three talks on Friday at a medical meeting in the grand old Broadmoor Hotel, pictured above, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
We are flying out tomorrow morning for Denver, then driving down to Colorado Springs. Of course, the weatherman predicts another blizzard starting tomorrow.
MD, anal compulsive woman that she it, has already got her slides made (did it days ago), while Yours Truly (who has to give two of the three presentations) is just getting started. So, I’m going to keep my posting limited to some easy fun stuff over the next few days while I’m otherwise occupied. But keep checking because I’m taking a bunch of medical papers I want to post on, and we may get snowed in and have nothing else to do.
I’ll still look at comments, but may not have a lot of time to answer them specifically. I’ll just post them as they are.
Pray for nice weather for us.


  1. How is TV watching defined? Broadcast and cable channels only, or also including rental and privately owned videos? Or, only rental and privately owned videos? IMO, there is a huge difference.
    Hi Anna–
    I haven’t a clue.  I would imagine broadcast and cable only.

  2. Curious. Did she get the question right?
    Hi Tony–
    I don’t know.  A friend sent me the picture.  I’ve never even seen the show.

  3. Sorry to comment off-topic Dr Eades, I was actually looking for a way to email you but there does not appear to be that option on you blog so I use this method.
    Have you seen this video, it is currently showing on Dr Mercola’s site?
    Hi Glenice–
    No, I haven’t seen the film.  I pulled it down thinking it was going to be a short one, but when I saw that it was an hour and a half long I decided to watch it after this meeting in Colorado.

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