MD has finally started her own blog.
Her’s will probably deal more with food and recipes than mine, although, knowing her as I do, I’m sure she’ll sound off from time to time on a multitude of issues.
Her maiden blog is on water buffalo yogurt, which she has recently discovered for sale at our local natural foods grocery store. And, since she does most of the meal planning at Casa Eades, I’ve been having water buffalo yogurt in some form or another on an almost daily basis. Thank God I like it.
She would say that she does all the meal plans at Casa Eades, which is not true. She sometimes asks me what I would like for, say, dinner, and I tell her. If she doesn’t like my choice, she is always diplomatic. She says something on the order of, wouldn’t you rather have this, or doesn’t that sound good. When she does, I realize that my test format has just been changed from essay to multiple choice, and I docilely go along with it. When I do ultimately pick, she then sometimes fixes my choice, sometimes not. But when she does, then I have definitely played a roll in the meal planning. We have a great food relationship: she likes to cook, and I like to eat. It’s a culinary marriage made in heaven.
My own cooking skills, such as they are, came from a stint working as the backroom prep guy at a Mexican restaurant. I have pulled ten thousand rosemary leaves from their stems, have chopped a carload lot of cilantro, and have diced tomatoes and peppers by the zillions. But when it comes to cooking here at the house, I leave most of that to MD. We make use of my minimal slicing, chopping and stirring skills on our cooking show on PBS, but if you catch an episode sometime, you will see very quickly who is in charge.
My real slicing and chopping skills come in to play primarily on the golf course.

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