Here from this weeks Spectator is Taki’s (Taki Theodoracopulos) take on the Kate Moss situation. As I’m sure everyone is aware, a picture of Kate Moss allegedly doing cocaine appeared on the cover of one of the British tabloids. In the subsequent fallout she has lost a couple of lucrative modeling gigs and is being investigated by the police. Taki’s appraisal of the affair is not one that might be found in Time or Newsweek.
An exerpt:

The problem, of course, is not only the tabloids. It’s also the scum Kate and Naomi rub elbows with, scum that takes pictures while pretending to use mobile phones and then sells them to the filth-merchants. This role model business is indeed getting out of hand. Celebrities were never supposed to be role models. What kind of role model could Paris Hilton be? Could anyone — except those who wish to film themselves while being shagged in order to get their picture in the papers — look up to her? This tiresome Widdecombe woman wants the fuzz to take action against Kate. Law-abiding people are being mugged and knifed left and right, and this bore wants the cops to go after a pretty little thing who has only turned violent against her septum. Go figure. The implication that the weak and vulnerable will turn to cocaine once a superstar has abused the drug openly without being prosecuted is as valid as implying that because the Prime Minister lies lying is now acceptable in public life and will also be taught in schools.

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