A reader wrote me about an ABC segment on a guy named Chicken Charlie who fries Twinkies, Oreos and anything else he can get his hands on it seems. And it looks like he’s eaten a few of his creations as well. He mentions that he is young and has a lot of time left to experiment. Looking at the crap he fries, I’m not so sure. Especially if he eats a lot of it.
Here is the link to the video. Enjoy if you can.
Hat tip: Joe Matasic
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  1. Hey, but isn’t ultra-refined polyunsaturated omega-6-rich vegetable oil one of the good fats?
    Absolutely not! It’s one of the bad. It’s an inflammatory fat in the amounts in which most people get it.

  2. Nevermind looking at the crap he fries, look at him. He’s ready to pop a blood vessel. I see a massive stroke or heart attack in the near future and I don’t need a crystal ball.
    It’s pretty obvious alright.

  3. Oreos deep fried in pancake batter? Now I know what I want the next time (as you put it in PPLP) I stumble across a honey tree!

  4. Dr. Mike:
    Something I noticed today and didn’t know where else to post about it. I was looking at a list of ingredients on cough drops (I’ve been sick for about a week) and they have the ingredients listed in alphabetical order. What a cop-out. Absolutely no way to know how much of anything is in there. It’s getting completely out of hand and insane. However, it does make a continuing case for eating whole foods only that don’t come in packages or boxes.
    It does make a good case for whole foods. But I thought that ingredients had to be listed in descending order with the ingredient present in the largest amounts listed first?

  5. I would just like to say YUCK!!! & not even in my bad habit food days could I have even thought about eating that sort of stuff deep fried, honestly do these people have a death wish???

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