A reader sent in a brilliant comment today on an earlier post that I’m putting up in its entirety. When I read blogs I never read the comments, so I assume that many people don’t read the comments to mine. This particular comment is too good to not share with all.

The cause of the problem is centralization, therefore the solution is MORE centralization. QED
To make a bureaucracy “effective” it will be necessary to further centralize. How does this make us more secure from bioterroism? It doesn’t. Thousands of small producers scattered across the entire continent would be impossible to compromise to any degree that would threaten the health of more than a few. With 13 plants supplying 300 million people, 20+ million could be hit from just one plant. Simple contamination would be easily isolated if all of the affected individuals could be traced back to one local source. Let me guess each of the 13 plants are independantly owned thus creating “competition”, right?
Taco Bell, “in an abundance of caution” eliminated green onions from all 5,000+ restaurants and changed it’s produce supplier even though the onions were cleared! This “logic” is insane. It also further favors consolidation. It takes big bucks to lose an account like that and makes the supplier vulnerable to takeover, at pennies on the dollar.

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  1. I might be a bit strange Dr Mike but I always read the comments to blog posts. Sometimes they really enhance the information already in the blog. Thanks for posting & thanks to all those who post comments.

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