It dawned on me this morning that I had been writing this blog for about two years. I clicked back to the earliest archives and discovered that -lo and behold – the first post I ever made was on June 13, 2005. So, today is the blog’s two year birthday or anniversary or whatever is appropriate for blogs. (I think there were actually a few posts before this first one, but they got lost in the move to WordPress from Movable Type. Since what’s here is what’s here, I’m making June 13th the official birthday.)
When I told MD, her typically wifely supportive comment was: “I never dreamed you would stick with it this long.”
I do have a history of throwing myself with full passion into a project, only to abandon it after I get tired of it. In fact, my non-stick-to-it-ness is legendary. But, I haven’t come close to getting tired of this blog. I think about it constantly. Everything that falls in my path I want to share with readers, up to and including the fact that I cleaned up my end of the frigging breakfast table. Consider yourselves lucky that so far – save one post, I think – I’ve spared you my addiction to golf. I should tell you, however, about epiphany #3,986 (golfers will understand) that came to me on the 11th hole yesterday…well, maybe not. I have contemplated keeping a running listing of my handicap, but wiser minds have so far prevailed.
I hope there are enough nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout that makes worthwhile indulging my dalliances with non-nutritional topics. As you might have suspected from many of my posts, I’m attracted to the bizarre and offbeat. I have to fight down the urge to post on everything I come across (of course I have a little help from you-know-who and her good-sense filter: I hope you’re not planning on posting on that).
I really appreciate all the support throughout the past two years. I’m going to give it my best effort to once again exceed the expectations of that brown-haired woman I live with and keep going for another two years.
Thanks for hanging in there with me.


  1. Doctor,
    Yours is one of the few blogs that I check almost daily and have saved in my “favorites”.
    You’ve instructed us in the ways of nutrition well, and I’ve gotten great enjoyment from your learned posts and witty writing style.
    I’m confident that you’ll continue to outdo yourself.
    Hi Michael–
    Hope I can continue to entertain.

  2. I really enjoy and respect your low-carb nutritional insight, but, disagree with most of your political commentary – other than the passport fiasco which I wholeheartedly agree was a societal abomination. Having said that, I do understand to a slight degree where your perceptions and commentary is coming from.
    I am in your blog every day and am never disappointed.
    Thanks for the support…even when we don’t agree.


  3. Congratulations on your two years! I just want you to know that the information and encouragement that you and MD provide on this blog has been incredibly helpful and appreciated! I hope you both continue for many years to come. I have learned more from your blog and books than from my career degree or all of the CEU’s we are required to get yearly. I am 39 and have worked as a Respiratory Therapist doing critical care and trauma along with Pulmonary Functions and Cardiac Echo’s and Stress Tests for 18 years. During the earlier years, I was the clinical coordinator for a Cardiac-Pulmonary Rehab outpatient clinic and we preached the Dean Ornish version of heart disease. I was overweight at the time! I bought Protein Power in 2000 and began to learn the many errors in my teachings. I sometimes feel bad for all of the incorrect information I gave to people coming for rehab. I weighed 213 lbs. then and I am proud to say that I have lost the weight and use all of the information and articles you post to help my children(2 16yo daughters and an 11yo son) to help them learn the proper nutrition while they are young. I have MS and keeping my body healthy is very important so that I keep up with my very active kids! Thank you, for your dedication to this site. It has helped tremendously!
    Hi Shannon–
    Thanks for the kind words.  I’m glad to have been of help.
    Keep after it.

  4. I’m really glad that you’ve stuck with your blog as it is one of my favorites. In fact, when I first discovered it, I read every post that you had archived. Your blog is one of very few that I comment on and that you even reply to comments is something that I find amazing. I’m just surprised that you haven’t curtailed your responses a long time ago given your time constraints. I know I’d be commenting a lot more if I had the time which unfortunately I do not. (Heh, maybe much to your relief!) BTW, congrats on getting your end of the table cleaned up. I’m currently working my way through a stack of Denver Posts that rivals your former pile of newspapers.
    Anyway, here’s to another two years! 🙂
    Hi Esther–
    That’s amazing!  I haven’t even read every post in the archives 🙂

  5. Your blog is a constant source of entertainment and enlightenment for me so please – another TWENTY-two years’ worth! 😉
    Thanks for your continuing Herculean efforts to keep this going and interesting too. Happy 2 years Blogversary!
    I just hope I can keep going another 22 years, blog or not.


  6. YOU WROTE: “I hope there are enough nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout…”
    I think your archives are unbelievable resource for information.
    Thanks, Adam. 

  7. Actually, the proper wish is “Happy blogiversary!” And so I do.
    Thanks for the proper word and the good wishes. 

  8. Happy Blogday!!
    I too come here every day. Glad you’ve stuck with this, you’ve helped so many of us!!

  9. Thanks for your efforts from this regular reader who’s lost (and kept off) sixty pounds with Protein Power. BTW, have you seen the stories on Ketasyn, a ketone based food being used with some success to treat Alzheimer’s patients?
    Hi Theresa–
    I’ve just recently heard of Ketasyn.  Our neurosurgeon friend, Larry McCleary, has a book coming out in September about – among other things – the use of ketones for treating Alzheimer’s. 

  10. This blog is dull, uninformative and in perpetual poor taste.
    I put i to you Sir that i am full of shite and actually have a very antithetical viewpoint to the one expressed above.
    Congrats to you on this deeply auspicious day (for me 2 too as am 42!)
    And thanks for the breadth of subject matter, pithy wit and alround good eggedness.
    Hi Simon–
    Happy Birthday!  I can remember when I turned 42…barely.
    I may be a good egg, just a little scrambled.

  11. Mike,
    I’m glad you decided to stick with this one and I appreciate the effort you put into it to keep us informed, entertained and just plain aware of a lot of issues that otherwise we wouldn’t even consider discussing.
    Keep it up!
    Thanks for the support, Gabe. 

  12. Dr Mike, I love your blog, for as long as you want to write it, I will visit it.
    Another item I wanted to comment on, but can’t find it anymore, what happened to your post on the British Opera hopeful, it seems to have disappeared? The semi-final has just completed, which I watched. Both the public and the judges had to choose which two were going to make it into the final. The public vote was the first and it was Paul, so he has made it into the final on Sunday and with another superb performance. I will be watching his career with much interest and hope to be able to see him perform at some stage.
    Hi Genice–
    I don’t think the post disappeared.  It should be here.

  13. Happy anniversary and thanks for a great blog with great information. 🙂
    Hi Victoria–
    Thanks for your support.

  14. No, the opera post is missing, somehow. Even your link doesn’t bring it up.
    That was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I saw it early in the morning after not sleeping for a day. It brought tears to my eyes and I figured that it was just from the lack of sleep. I watched it again later on and my response was still the same.
    I can’t imagine the feeling he must have had to overwhelm an enormous crowd like that.
    I did notice that he had messed up teeth and that his head looked too big for his face. I thought for sure that he was going to face a huge embarrassment on the international scale. But when he hits those notes and goes from zero to hero in 20 secs. it was mind blowing and it turned my scorn into amazement and suddenly I hated myself for initially feeling that way.
    I felt that I was a government employee that had missed the world’s greatest violinist. If I had seen him on the street I would have overlooked him and never known that behind that facade resided such a beautiful voice and presence.
    I posted that on my own myspace account and I’ve received more letters than I ever have from people thanking me for showing that clip.
    All of this, and I’ve never really had much appreciation for opera and I’m not ashamed to say as much. I just never really acquired the taste for it. However, this still moved me in a way that was indescribable.
    Hi Scott–
    The opera post is back up.  I somehow had made it ‘Private,’ which happens from time to time without my knowing it.  I don’t know what key I accidentally hit or if there is a gremlin in the software, but occasionally one of the posts makes a transition from ‘Published’ to “Private’ without my knowing.  Problem is that they’re never ‘Private’ to me: I can always see them.  The only way I figure it out is if someone else tells me.  Only one other person mentioned it, and I misunderstood.  I thought he said the video didn’t work, not that the entire post was gone.  When I clicked on the video it worked fine, so whatever was wrong I figured was fixed.
    Anyway, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    And thanks for the nice comment.
    You wrote:

    …I’ve never really had much appreciation for opera…

    And I thought we brought you up better than that 😉

  15. Congrats & keep up the good work. You are a voice in the wilderness for truth in medical matters.
    Thanks, Dan.

  16. Hahaha, it’s funny- the day of your blog anniversary is the day I closed on my first house!
    (They’ll give a morgage to anybody these days.)
    Love your blog, Dr. Eades! Please keep it up!
    Thanks, Lindsey–
    I’ll keep plugging.

  17. I’m so proud of you, my friend, for continuing to shine the light of truth on livin’ la vida low-carb. Your blog is a wealth of information presented in an engaging and entertaining manner that attracts those who might not otherwise even bother checking it out. Here’s to two GREAT years behind you on your way to many more! God bless you and Dr. Mary Dan!
    Hey Jimmie–
    Thanks for the support.  I really appreciate it.

  18. Hi Mike~
    Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for all the great information. I am so happy to hear you plan to keep blogging.
    Me, too…I think.

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