MD and I flew to Dallas this morning.  Got here only to find no internet service.  Earthlink has gone to ground at the kids’ house.  Should be fixed by tomorrow.  Many unmoderated comments stacked up.  Will get to them ASAP.  All this composed on my Blackberry.

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  1. Hi, sorry to hear about your internet access. 😛
    Anyway I have one quick question.
    In PPLP on page 60 (The Fat of the Land) you mentioned you were involved in a study performing whole-carcass for nutrient analysis of elk and that the results were due in mid to late 2000.
    What were the results? I’m dying to know. A link to the paper would be great!
    Thank you.
    Hi Elle–
    Unfortunately, the Colorado Game and Fish would not approve our study.  They couldn’t understand that it took more than one deer carcass to get the info we needed, and so turned us down.  We wanted to take a number of deer during different parts of the year when they had different degrees of fatness.  So, once again, government stupidity reigned supreme.

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