I got up this morning and deleted 137 spam comments from the unpublished comments file. It was made a little easier because these spam comments were directed to the ‘Junk” folder. Unfortunately a couple of real comments were directer there as well. I had to fish those out and transfer them back to the legitimate comments folder. MD and I have been getting so many spam comments that it takes us a fair amount of time to deal with them daily. We added a plug in to this blogging software that asks for anyone making a comment to type in the password that is shown. Anyone typing in the password has his or her comments directed to the legitimate comments folder. Anyone who doesn’t has his or her comments directed to the junk file. Since spammers generating their spam via machine won’t be able to type in the password, their stuff goes directly to junk and I can ditch it with a keystroke.
If a legitimate reader makes a comment and doesn’t type in the proper password his or her comment will suffer the same fate as the spammers: it will be automatically consigned to the junk pile. If rooted through this junk for the past couple of days and ferreted out the several legitimate comments and transferred them back, but I can’t keep on doing that because it takes a lot of time. So, if you comment, please type in the password that is right there by the comment box and you will be golden. Thanks for your help.
MD and I have to drive for about 8 hours today (God help us) to get to our actual home in Nevada. We will be set up and operational tonight.
I caught up on all my weekend reading and found a mother lode of blogworthy material that you will be reading about shortly. There was an absolutely infuriatingly dishonest editorial on AIDS written more as an information piece in the New York Times that I will dissect. I plan to present my views on the latest convictions in the Exxon case as a real cautionary tale for all of us. An illuminating article on hydration appeared in a special section of the Sunday New York Times that both confirms and flies in the face of what MD and I have written in the past–I’ll go over where we agree, where we don’t, and if and how our minds have changed. The Wall Street Journal has an incredible article on how growers are trying to capitalize on the American sweet tooth and the recommendation to eat more fruit by, you guessed it, developing fruit that has a higher sugar content. And I’m going to review Michael Pollan’s new book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which if you haven’t read, you should. It contains an enormous amount of information of great interest to all low-carbers.
There is all that and much more to come, so stay tuned.
On a final note, several people commented on the fact that I wrote a blog taking America West to task only to find advertisements for America West on my blog thanks to the Google search-for-significant-word webcrawler. Well, so be it. The few pennies I might make from someone clicking their ad will in some small measure reimburse me for the nightmare experience they caused me.
The whole Google ad situation is an interesting one. I like to BARE all my NAKED thoughts on my blog without regard for the SEX or age of the person reading them. I see myself as the LONELY philosopher who rides his ASS from village to village spreading illumination. My views are probably like an X-RATED movie; they’re not for everyone, especially not for the BOOBS who are believers in low-fat diets. To those folks I’m sure my views are TRIPLE X (that is XXX), and I’m sure they think I’m wallowing in SIN. But all I can say to all of them, from YOUNG GIRLS to old men, is that I’m just calling them as I see them, I never MASSAGE the data to my own purposes.
There, that should give the Google crawler something to go after. Let’s see what pops up.


  1. LOL Dr. Eades. I love your sense of humour. I’m almost tempted to turn on scripting (I use the NoScript extension) in Firefox in order to see the result of your little joke.
    On different note. Are you intending to review Anthony Colpo’s book “the great cholesterol con” ?
    Hi Angelyne–
    No titillating results yet, but we’ll wait and see.
    As to Anthony Colpo’s book…I had never heard of Anthony or his book until a few weeks ago. Now I hear of him every time I turn around. Someone is sending me his book; I’ll certainly read it and if it is blog worthy, I’ll review it. Based on the other stuff of his I’ve looked over, I suspect it will be pretty good, although a little shrill.

  2. I wonder if your attempt to fool the “crawler” had an unexpected benefit. All of the advertising today is relevant -and the key word seems to be your name, Dr Eades. A possible blow-back that I expected from your “salting” the keyword mine, is that keyword searches don’t work on Xrated sites. The crawler apparently just skips them and doesnt collect data.
    It seems too much to expect, and time will tell the truth, but it seems that your “salting” might have encouraged Google to improve its placement of ads. I am surprised and will be even more surprised if the ads stay relevant.

  3. I have a problem with the software that requires you to type the letters that you see on screen. I type what I see, and it usually gives me an error. It must be the way that my mind interprets the weirdly looking letters. Some of us just see things differently than others.
    Hi Mike
    I have rescued your comment from the Junk Comments file, where it landed because you didn’t type the code word ‘lowcarb’ in at the bottom. Any comments that don’t have ‘lowcarb’ typed in go directly to the Junk file. I’ve got to do that due to the huge amount of spam I get through the comment portal.
    This software doesn’t ask you to read letters or numbers in one of those weird little windows, it simply asks you to type in ‘lowcarb’ (without the quotation marks) in order to send your comment to the valid comment file. Any comment without ‘lowcarb’ goes directly to the Junk file.

  4. I know Anthony pretty well. I am so pleased he did this. It think you will enjoy what he did Dr. Eades
    Hi Darren–
    I have rescued your comment from the Junk Comments file, where it landed because you didn’t type the code word ‘lowcarb’ in at the bottom. Any comments that don’t have ‘lowcarb’ typed in go directly to the Junk file. I’ve got to do that due to the huge amount of spam I get through the comment portal.
    I just received Anthony’s book today. I’ll read it and review.

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