1. I’m giving out pens this Halloween and telling the kids I don’t give sugar to kids cause it makes them ugly, fat and miserable like me. If I can scare at least one child into being sugar free, I’ve achieved my mandate for this year.
    Hi Hellistile–
    Let’s hope you scare more than one. This Halloween so far – and it’s now 10:40 PM where I am – is probably the first I’ve ever gone through in my life without having a single piece of candy. It was all over the place everywhere I went today, but I didn’t indulge. I don’t know what that says about me, but I’m sure my pancreas thanks me.

  2. Happy Halloween from Salem, Massachusetts
    Couldn’t resist!
    Thanks for the photo tour. I’ve been to Salem and toured all the witchy sites.
    In fact, in a used book store in Salem I found a first edition of The Fat of the Land by one of my heroes Vilhjalmur Stefansson containing a newspaper article about him, a copy of one of his scientific papers and a long inscription in his own hand. And the best part…the book cost my $4.00.

    I just noticed how fat the two little kids are! That is just so sad, but the fact that they are headed toward the meaty cottage is a very good thing!
    A good thing indeed. No wonder the high-carb witch is bent out of shape.

  4. When my son is old enough to trick or treat, I will let him have the fun of going door to door in his little costume to collect candy. But when he comes home, I will encourage him to give up his stash to “The Great Pumpkin” (from Charlie Brown) that will exchange his candy for toys. That way he can still enjoy Halloween while not feeling gypped that he didn’t get to eat all that sugar.
    Good idea. I wish my parents had done the same.

  5. Brenda,
    That is such a great idea! I tried it today, and got mixed (but positive) results.
    My son (5) agreed to give his stash to The Great Pumpkin in exchange for a set of 5 matchbox cars. Deal!
    My daughter (11) also agreed to the exchange, but wants 250.00 for her stash.
    They get a lot more clever as they age.
    Those kids in the cartoon are on the right path!
    Indeed they are!

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