Well, the kamikaze bunny ate my first tomato–actually I don’t know for sure that he ate it, but it’s gone and he’s highly suspect. Others tiny tomatoes are set, many blooms are yet to set, but the numero uno tomato of the season fell victim to Bunnicula. Mike, the world’s foremost tomato junkie, will not be pleased.

My own fault, really, since I hadn’t gotten the marigolds set out yet to repel his advances on the tastier flora. I remedied that shortfall today–each tomato plant is now carefully caged and a nice stand of pretty, but stinky (pungent, I should say) marigolds rings the lot of them.

If he…

Now, why, I wonder, would I automatically assume this creature is a ‘he’ when in reality I haven’t a clue? Could just as well be a she. Probably because of his kamikaze raiding tactics. That and because my entire adult life I’ve spent surrounded by mischevious boys…Mike, three sons, two grandsons, and in the day, even two male dogs. In our house, if some creature made a mess or was doing what he’d been told not to do, odds were it was a male.

A dear friend gave me a book once, called Up To No Good (The Rascally Things That Boys Do) which is an hilarious read, especially for anyone raising sons or grandsons. It helps to know it’s not just your kids who do these things.

It wasn’t until the arrival of our two daughters-in-law that the gender balance began to shift a little, but then came the two little grandprinces and the proponderance of maleness was restored. The more recent arrival of grandangel #3, the grandprincess, evened the odds a little, but Eadesville is still a male, male, male, male world.

And that brings me back to Bunnicula…if he keeps this up I’m going to have to buy tomatoes with which to make the tasty rabbit stew in which he’ll play the lead!

The grandprincess said it right: Stew You, Bunny!


  1. Are you sure HE is a bunny? It is possible that HE could be a groundhog.

    I am lucky to have a matched set of children; one boy and one girl. But the Boy does a lot more damage in the house and in the garden. I am reasonably sure that my groundhog, who also does quite a bit of damage, is a boy groundhog.

    Thanks for the laugh!

    COMMENT from MD EADES: I have, indeed, made visual contact with HIM as he eats the leaves off my tomato plant, however, there are also gophers, which strike from underground. Our son watched a daisy get shorter and shorter and disappear last summer–just like in the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

  2. MD: I feel your pain…those long-eared-rodent-bastards hacked off my raspberry canes last winter because we were late fencing them in and the snows were early. If there’s one thing you don’t mess with in my garden, it’s my raspberries. Why they would want to eat those thorny canes is beyond me and my only comfort is the indigestion they must have had. But even though the canes are short, I’ll be eating berries in a few weeks. Oh those wascally wabbits!!!

    COMMENT from MD EADES: Wascally iwabbits indeed. But don’t be too sure he got indigestion; remember it was Brer Rabbit who said, “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch!”

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