Over the past week I’ve stumbled into some weird articles and bizarre sites on the web that I stuck up on my Firefox browser tabs thinking that I might post on them at some point. In going through them tonight it dawned on me that no single one of them is worthy of a post on its own, but in aggregate they might make for fun looking for any of you out there who are as strange as I am.
None of the following sites and/or videos is nutritionally related, so if you’re here solely for that, you better click on by. But if your up for some different stuff that you may not have seen, stick around. I can’t promise you that it will be totally uplifting, although some of it is, but I can promise you that it will be something you might not have run into during the course of your normal week.
If I get enough positive response on this, I’ll continue it. It seems that I run into no end of strange, but interesting, stuff that I’ll be more than happy to share.
First, for those of you who are dedicated meat eaters, here’s something that you probably can’t live without: a bacon wallet. (Disclaimer: I have no financial involvement with any sites or products appearing in this post.) Order here.
Here’s a guy with way too much time on his hands. I’ve looked at the pictures of these models at least 20 times, and I still can’t get enough of them. And I’m not even a model freak (or haven’t been since I was a kid gluing together model airplanes.) The detail work on this is phenomenal. Each one of these German soldiers is about a foot tall, and all are custom made and sport custom-made uniforms. Look at the entire collection of pictures. When the poor guy who made all these (he’s shown in the last picture on the site) goes on to his reward, his heirs will probably put it all out in a garage sale. (Link)
Here is a video that sent MD screaming from the room. I don’t know what the occasion was or any details of the situation, but this is one hair raisingly creepy video. Apparently a bunch of people in India (for all I know it’s an everyday occurrence) placed a baby out on a rug to play with a live cobra. According to the commentary on the video, the cobra has had its mouth sewn shut. Maybe some readers will know the deal here and enlighten us all. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF SNAKES, COBRAS IN PARTICULAR.
Now that we’re beyond that, let’s look at something truly wonderful. I can’t believe this guy can do this. MD and I have watched this video several times in amazement. Enjoy. (Link for larger screen video and website)
(Hat tip to Frank DiTullio for sending me this video)
Here was one of my highlights of the last week: Christopher Hitchens deflating the gasbag Sean Hannity. I can’t stand Sean Hannity. Even when I agree with him he drives me over the edge. So much so that I can’t bear to watch him. I loathe him and those like him who think no one else can have a legitimate opinion if it doesn’t with theirs. Hannity talks over his guests, won’t let them finish their answers, uses absurd reasoning, and, in short, is a bully. He’s got a daily radio show and a daily TV show that keeps him on the attack. He’s used to it. He thrives on it. These poor people come on his show trying to express an honest opinion, and he goes for their throats. He’s on the air a couple of hours every day; his guests are on air maybe a couple of times every now and then or in some cases almost never. It’s not a fair fight.
Whether you’re a fan of Christopher Hitchens or not, you’ve got to like the way he handles Hannity. Watch all the air go out of ol’ Sean when Hitch hits him with the remark about his (Sean’s) long unlettered question. I’ve never seen Hannity speechless.
I kind of agree with Sean that irrespective of how you might feel about Jerry Falwell or anyone else it’s in kind of poor taste to attack the recently deceased before they’re even in the grave. But Hitchen’s is out promoting an anti-religious book, and Jerry Falwell’s death during the book tour handed Hitchens a golden opportunity to get on every talk show in America. I’m not so sure that if I were out promoting a new low-carb book and Dean Ornish pitched over with a heart attack that I wouldn’t do the same thing. I’m pretty sure Dean would should I so succumb.  (Here’s the link to the full episode.)
Last week in Alabama an 11-year-old kid brought down the world’s largest wild boar with a pistol. Prior to this Hogzilla was the biggest. This one – Hogzilla II? – wins by a nose and a tail and a few other body parts. Looking at the picture makes you not want to go walking alone in those parts. I would hate to come upon this guy unexpectedly. The father of this young man hasn’t wasted any time in exploiting his kid’s adventure. Here’s the website dear old dad got up in a heartbeat. Warning: it takes forever to download, or at least it did when I tried it. Maybe dad has gotten someone to contribute for a faster server by now. (Article about the hog)
Finally, I came across this Power Point presentation when I was looking for examples of good Power Point presentations. Not only is the presentation good, the information is incredibly thought provoking about what the future might hold. (Link)
[youtube]fhnWKg9B2-8 [/youtube]


  1. Did you catch Hitchens last insult, in the closing couple of seconds? “If Falwell were given an enema, he could be buried in a matchbox.”
    I don’t think he liked the man.
    You think? 

  2. Regarding the snake video, I was horrified and appalled…that you would ruin it by warning me that his mouth was sewn shut. This was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It’s not every day you think you’re seeing some crazy third worlders feed their cute little infant to a viciously terrified, venomous snake. And now I’ll never HAVE that emotional thrill-ride, ever. Thanks to you.
    No, don’t try to apologize now; the trust is broken. I am uncertain whether the scar will ever heal, completely. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to forgive, but will never forget. When you try to tell me about the new All Sucrose Diet you recommend I buy your book in order to master, I’ll have this betrayal in the back of my mind, nagging at me.
    It reminds me of when my real estate agent told me the end of Halfblood Prince while watching me reading the third chapter of the book. But I’d expect that of a realtor; they’re only one step above used car salesman. You, on the other hand, took an OATH to “do no harm”. Fat lotta good that did me.
    I found the kite thing kinda boring.
    That cannot be a real pig. It is the size of a bison. I am reasonably certain I could parallel the effort in an hour or so if I pulled up Photoshop.
    If I send you a picture of myself leaning against a thirteen foot long bunny rabbit’s corpse, you know you can trust me to be telling the truth about having baqged it, myself. I mean, we have this TRUST between us…right?
    Hi Kaz–
    Blame MD for the snake warning. She lobbied hard for me not to put the video up at all, so blame her. The first time I saw it I didn’t know that the mouth was sewn shut, so I did get the frisson of horror that you missed out on. I can’t say as it uniquely enriched my life.
    Can’t believe you didn’t at least appreciate the skill and artistry with the kites.
    And the wild hog – at 1000 plus pounds – is a big as a bison, so it makes sense that it would look as big as a bison.  Apparently, the length and weight were verified. 

  3. A vote for.
    I watched three of these: the full link to Christopher Hitchens spanking Sean Hannity; the kites with glorious vocals, since it came from Franco; and my favorite, at least in terms of subject matter, the power point facts and predictions.
    You didn’t watch the cobra and the kid?  I expected better of you.  Shows me that you will fade badly this coming weekend in Colovista.  Bring plenty of money.
    See you soon.

  4. Sir..this is wrong, right ? Given the ATP pathway evolved millions of years ago this sounds, the below, pure gibberish..but i know bugger all about this stuff so perhaps you could enlighten pleasum ?
    Anaerobic metabolism (glycolysis), creates ATP exclusively from carbohydrates.
    ref Hog..the thing that struck me as odd was what looked like the legth of the thing and the lad’s width.For sure perpception can be skewed but they said this thing was say 9 ft or something and the shoulder to shoulder width of the lad suggested this animal was ways ways longer than 9 ft
    Hi Simon–
    It’s not gibberish; it’s true.  Anaerobic metabolism creates ATP exclusively from glucose.  Which is why it is so inefficient and why one can’t stay in anaerobic metabolism for very long.  Only for short bursts.  Your body can create the glucose from protein, then burn it anaerobically if need be.
    I agree with the idea that the hog is disproportionate in size to its actual dimensions.  I’m sure there was a little rooky do going on with the photography.  I think the father in this episode smelled some money and tried everything in his power to aggrandize what is already a pretty great story.  I imagine that the kid was a little ways behind the hog in the picture I posted, but posed to look like he was right next to it.

  5. I’ve sent that amazing kite video to about 20 people – thanks! Also loved seeing Hitchens and Hannity. I hate these guys that don’t let people talk and are so abrasive. I only see Hannity when he appears on something else.
    I did not watch the snake. My nerves don’t need that sort of thing. Thanks for the warning.
    I had already seen the last video, which is incredible.
    Hi Laura–
    Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Have you read Fiber Menace yet? I bought it last week, read it, and it goes against everything I’ve lived and practiced for more than 60 healthy years as a vegetarian. But, it makes sense.
    So, if his theory is valid, what do we do with Mehmet Oz?
    Incidentally, I’ve been eating zero-carb for weeks now. No weight loss because I’m making up for the carbless food by eating more meat/chicken/ribs/eggs than my body could possibly use. However, as a 74-year-old ADHD person, I am so much calmer than I ever was before.
    I think the best comment about Falwell was Rosie’s on the View. She said that he’d died and then said, “Whatever”, with a shrug of her shoulders. I love that woman.
    Hi Marly–
    I’m glad you wrote.  I had been reading Fiber Menace while on my last trip, but left it on my carry-on bag.  I hadn’t thought about it since.  I’m flying to Dallas tomorrow, so I’ll finish it up.  My take on it – from at least as far as I’ve gotten into it – is that there are many truths along with a lot of inaccuracies.  Problem is that most people without a medical background might believe it all.  I’ll review it when I’m finished.
    As to Rosie…I don’t feel the same love you do.  In fact, I despise her as much as I do Sean Hannity, and for all the same reasons.

  7. What circus acts Hannity/Rush/et al are. Poor Hannity, so worried about Hitchens’ unvarnished opinion hurting Falwell’s family’s feelings–but not worried enough, evidently, to sacrifice his rating $ to spare the poor dears from hearing the opinion.
    I live in Eugene, OR, where my libertarian-ish bent is seen as a species of hard-right Nazism. It’s always assumed that I listen to Rush and Hannity, but, like you, I can’t stomach their belligerence. They may be entertaining to a lot of folks, but to me they sound like drunken baboons (minus the baboons’ native intelligence, of course).
    Lordy, isn’t Hitchens magnificent? He wrote a great rant in Slate last week in which he called Falwell a “Chaucerian fraud.” Lovely.
    Hi Rose–
    In case you haven’t seen it, here is a link to another Hitchens interview. This one with Cooper Anderson Anderson Cooper, who does a much better job of allowing his guest to make a point. I hate watching the Hannity et al bunch who never let their guests – unless it’s one of their ‘pet’ guests – make their complete point. Even if the guest is someone I loathe, I at least want to hear what he/she has to say. I know Hannity’s opinion; it’s the guest’s that I’m interested in hearing. But if the guest’s opinion doesn’t jibe with Hannity, the poor sod never has a chance to complete a sentence.
    I’m in the same position as you vis a vis my political leanings. I’m more than a little libertarian-ish, but I hang out with people of all political stripes, all of whom seem to run with their own groups. When I’m with the liberals, I’m introduced to other liberals as our token conservative. When with conservatives, I’m the token liberal. No one seems to realize that there is another – and in my opinion – much more reasonable option.

  8. I think you meant Anderson Cooper, not Cooper Anderson. /nitpick
    I did find it somewhat amusing, however, that Hitchens did the same thing to Cooper as Hannity did to him–talk over him. Maybe not as aggressively as Hannity, but still.
    Falwell may be dead, but his two very scary legacies–Liberty University and the Regent University School of Law, the latter of which teaches that Christianity is ahead of everything including law and seems to be a favorite employment pool for the Bush administration–live on.
    And the kites were very cool.
    Sorry.  You’re right: it is Anderson Cooper.
    I didn’t think Hitchens really talked over Cooper as Hannity did to Hitchens.  Cooper thought Hitchens was finished with his point and started to ask another question.  Hitchens merely continued with his point.  And Cooper asked decent questions designed to let Hitchens develop his thesis whereas Hannity tried to ridicule and cut off and get in his own opinion.

  9. Interesting clips, though I think I would have had the bacon wallet segue into the new hogzilla.
    Now I’m hungry.

  10. Sir of course gluce from protein and fat right ..ketones..super fuels, Veech and Seyfried and those bods
    Ee gads if i had a half a brain i’d be dangerous.
    ref hog….beware any burger eaters in the vacinity of the uber hog if they per chance suddenly see an offer of all ye can eat.
    Hicthens is great but if he got imself of the sauce and ciggies one would assume he’d be even sharper; and of course N Americans are suckers for a plummy UK accent !

  11. I always tell people I’m either a liberal conservative or a conservative liberal, take your pick.
    I like the potpourri and wouldn’t mind at all if you were to continue such posts. While I don’t have much need for a bacon wallet, the bacon-flavored toothpicks also sold on the site do sound rather tasty.
    Thanks to your warning, I didn’t watch the cobra video. Lord knows, growing up in rattlesnake country, I’m not overly fond of snakes but sewing the snake’s mouth shut seems more than a little cruel to me as well as exposing a baby to such a snake in the first place.
    The kite video and the miniature railroad pictures were fascinating.
    Hi Esther–
    I don’t know if sewing a cobra’s mouth shut then letting a baby play with it is an everyday occurrence in India or simply a one off that the family filmed for YouTube.  I would be interested in finding out.  

  12. Dear Dr Eades:
    I for one appreciate your political blogs and comments. You often inform me of a topic that I need to be aware of. After I read the REAL ID piece, I sat down and wrote and sent out six letters to my federal and state senators and representatives about this issue.
    Personally, I can’t watch people like this Hannity or whatever his name is, I abhor them, but I watched this YouTube piece. Thanks for the link. Something that struck me is how Reid, Hannity and the other guy became very nice and sweetly sanctimonious about being kind to Falwell’s family. When Christine Colson stated that the widows of the guys who died in the Twin Towers only wanted to make piles of money off their husband’s deaths, did these commentators care, or did they say ya, well, it’s not nice, but it’s okay to say?
    It seems that whenever left-leaning people partake in slash and burn journalism, right wingers seem genuinely taken aback as though they thought they had a patent on it.
    It doesn’t take much investigation into the actions of Jerry Falwell to find out what he was really all about. On the mild side, there is no doubt he took over Jim Bakker’s empire simply to put a competitor out of business.
    You know, Capone is still remembered in Chicago for his soup kitchens and donations to the down and out…..
    Hi robyn–
    Just don’t mistake Christopher Hitchens for a left-winger.

  13. What was even more fun than just seeing the photos of the foot high soldier dolls, was linking to the website and seeing the guys setting them up. Gulliver’s Travels meets the Reichwehr. One particularly fun shot was the soldiers set up in marching formation with a man bringing up the rear. An entertaining short story could be written about this where the “dolly dudes” (as they are referred to in a comment) come to life. Fun but also scary. After all this IS the Reichwehr, and if you examine the faces and physiques, everybody is pretty STRAC. No old men or teens circa 1944 in this outfit.
    I am married to an American veteran with about 40 years in the Marine Corps, Army Special Forces, etc. He doesn’t play with dolly dudes, pull equipment out of swamps or dumps and restore it, dress up in a uniform and pretend he’s coming ashore on Omaha Beach. He likes to read military history, sometimes. He’s pretty wrapped up in the present and what is going on with the American military RIGHT NOW….
    It seems from the website that the guy with the German set-up is in England. But you can’t blame this on being British. Lots of Americans spend an amazing amount of money, time and brain power on this stuff. In the old days, sometimes guys would have a home sand table and reenact the sequence of famous battles with the rubber soldiers from the 5 and dime. And reenactors have been around since the Civil War Centennial. But the amount of this type of intense escapism is unnerving. Add to the war thing all the people who pretend they are Hobbits, Medieval Lords/Ladies or Aliens, and you have an awful lot of people distracted from real life.
    This is exactly how I feel about people attending Star Trek conventions and spending time learning a non-existent language.  A lot of time that could be put toward truly productive purposes gone to waste in my opinion.

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