The latest on the fiber-prevents-colon-cancer research.
But they were so sure just a couple of years ago.
The authors of the study (click here for the full study) conclude:

We did not find support for a linear inverse association between dietary fiber intake and risk of colorectal cancer in a pooled analysis of 13 prospective cohort studies.

But then felt compelled to add:

Although high dietary fiber intake may not have a major effect on the risk of colorectal cancer, a diet high in dietary fiber from whole plant foods can be advised because this has been related to lower risks of other chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Really? Where is the data? The same place as all that data showing the strong relationship between fiber intake and protection against colon cancer?


  1. LOL…Mike, the medical establishment is also fond of saying that not only increased fiber intake, but a vegetarian diet, will help prevent colon cancer. As far as I can find, the substantiation for that theory is tenuous at best.
    I was a vegetarian for nearly 25 years and I still incorporate vegetarian meals into my menus. However, at this point I eat vegetarian meals because I like the tastes…not because I think they’ll help me fight the cancer I was diagnosed with 20 months ago. I guess, in my case, I wasn’t quite vegetarian enough… 😉

  2. Hey Gaelen,
    vegetarian diet doesnt mean only means you doesnt eat meat and fish. Fries, chips, cheesepizza and coke are vegetarian, but no one will think it is healthy.
    And even if you eat healthy with much vegetables, it doesnt mean you will never get ill. It only helps you to lower the risk to get ill.
    Hope you could fight cancer….

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