I came across this picture and a number of others on a Danish website. It’s almost unbelievable that people would find this look attractive, yet here are the models. Probably highly paid to maintain this look. I guess they would have to be.
You can low-carb until the cows come home and never have to worry about accidentally achieving the just-escaped-from-Auschwitz look seen in these women. Scary.
I kind of agree with the guy who posted these. Fat is not particularly attractive, but this is obscene.


  1. Devandra know his work and the 0.7 waist to hip ratio and what it implies?
    Hi Simon–
    Yes, I’m familiar with Devendra Singh. What does the 0.7 waist to hip ratio imply to you?

  2. Please do not post pictures like that again Dr. Mike. I feel completely repulsed after seeing that woman. I cannot look at that picture without instinctively looking away.
    Good points made though.

  3. Funny, just this morning I was reading on Jimmy Moore’s blog about the Kimkins scam and how people were eating so few calories that their hair was falling out! Plus all sorts of health problems coming their way that may be permanent. You can go to the post about the ten most influential low carbers and go to #10 to get more info, plus the post below for an individual’s sad story.
    You can’t tell me that that woman in the photo isn’t going to have permanent damage from her anorexia.
    Hey LC–
    Even the woman in the photo in her non-photoshopped version is probably going to have permanent damage and probably will have her life shortened. Many people came out of concentration camps after WWII and looked similarly gaunt, but they were typically in the camps for a year or two at most (those in their longer almost always perished). These women, one suspects, may try to maintain this look for as long as possible, and God only knows what it will do to them.
    I’ve been peripherally keeping up with the Kinkins story, and should probably post on it. Maybe I will, although there’s not a lot left to say.

  4. Dr Eades,
    I do believe these pictures have been manipulated through photoshop for use on pro ANA websites.
    I should think women as thin as in some of the pictures would be bedridden and at least have a PEG.
    Also.. wanting to subscribe to receive your posts in my mailbox but there seems to be some sort of bug. It keeps asking me to type the ID to submit and when I do, giving me new ones.
    Thanks for your blog and your books. Im a big fan of what you and Mary Dan have to say.
    Thanks for the kind words.
    I’ve forwarded your problem to my web guy – we’ll see what happens. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. At 62 yrs old I’m convinced the <10% fat diet over the years resulted in the recent heart bypass. Standing 5\’9\
    Hi Tom–
    Looks like your whole comment didn’t make it through. You might want to resubmit.

  6. Those are nasty “thinspiration” photos. I have no idea why girls think that starving themselves that thin will improve their lives. It’s another one of those idiotic female contests I want no part of, the “thinnest in the group.” Only really insecure or crazy men want to date a skeleton, ladies, come on!

  7. I checked out the Snopes Before (Photoshop) and Afters. The lady in your pix above is thin, but not unduly so. She has some curves. But #6 photo at the Snopes site was not refuted by Snopes, and, in fact, I have seen this photo before. If it’s an actual photo, that poor walking skeleton will be an actual skeleton in the near future, with makeup of the funereal kind!
    Pretty sad.

  8. Funny, just this morning I was reading on Jimmy Moore’s blog about the Kimkins scam and how people were eating so few calories that their hair was falling out!
    The 1800 calorie diabetes exchange diet made my hair fall out.
    Any major dietary change can cause temporary hair loss.

  9. eww!!!eat a f***ing hamburger , or 10!!!!!
    get some pounds on you!!
    skinny*that skinny* isnt pretty!!
    you can be pretty anyway *eccept

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