The latest diet book making the rounds is The Ultimate Sex Diet. The author, Kerry McCloskey, who is the director of marketing at a large media company, pointed out the benefits of her robust sex life to Oprah:

A half-hour of sex burns about 200 calories. My husband and I have sex about eight times per week. You do the math.

I am contemplating trying to get NIH funding for a study on this very subject. I will have the study group have sex eight times per week while following a low-carb diet; the control group will do it eight times per week on a high-carb diet. We’ll see which group loses the most weight.
Any volunteers?

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  1. yep I’ll be in that – as long as I’m in the low carb group. My husband would forever be grateful to you!!!!!
    PS I’m an Aussie!
    Hi Lynne–
    As soon as I get my funding, I’ll give you a call.

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