What product was sold on the It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature ads?
The correct answer is: Chiffon margarine.
Congratulations to Malcolm Scott who got the correct answer first. He gets a free one year subscription to this blog.
Second place goes to Walt Kania and BD, both of whom got the correct answer in at about the same time. They both get two year subscriptions to the blog.
If you would like to see the legendary commercial for Chiffon that won tons of awards and lodged in the minds of millions of people yet didn’t sell much product, click here.


  1. Actually, Mike, I guessed ‘Parkay’ and not Chiffon. Full disclosure and all.
    But I’ll take the subscription anyway.

  2. Sir a quickie off topic but relative to a Ch in PPL.
    Sunlight..is there yet a rough consensus vis sunlight and its S.A.D preventative capacities and where the light should shine on the bod ?
    Some sites and articles suggest anywhere on the bod, one suggests the back of the knee and other suggest into the eye.
    You folks got any ideas please ?
    Thanks muchly from the city of Lights(in the 15th)

  3. It is ironic that the “It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature” ad slogan turned out to be spot on. Whipped transfats are NOT better for you than butter!

  4. Dr. Eades,
    I’ve read The Slow Burn that you co-authored several years ago. Have any studies since then made the claims in the book any more or less true? Would you still recommend it?

  5. The 15th, eh? I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the 16th.
    In my opinion we have to get enough sunlight of enough intensity to stimulate the production of vitamin D. That requires 15-20 minutes in the summer with sun on the face and shoulders; it requires forever in the City of Light and other northern climes in the winter. That’s probably why there is some much more breast, colon, and prostate cancer (vit D responsive cancers) in the north verses nearer the equator. The RDA of 400 IU is far too little in winter months in the north. I recommend at least 1000 IU of vitamin D3; 2000 IU would be better.

  6. In continuing to study the subject, I believe the claims in Slow Burn are even more true, if possible.
    I still recommend it above any other form of strength training.

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