Watch this amazing video of a guy who repairs high-voltage lines. He wears an outfit that functions as a Faraday cage and prevents his being fried instantly. (The Faraday cage was developed by Michael Faraday, one of the most phenomenal minds in the history of science, in the early 1800s, not the late 1800s as the guy in the video says.) I know all about the electro-physics of Faraday cages, but you couldn’t get me to do this guy’s job for all the money in the world. Thank God for specialization of labor.
Hat tip: Boingboing.net


  1. Can only watch via the youtube website
    Hi Neil–
    If you click on the YouTube I posted, then click again when the message comes up telling you that the owner won’t allow embedding, it should take you to the YouTube location straight away.
    I replaced the original YouTube with one that allows embedding. 

  2. While doing the high-wire act is certainly nothing to sneer at, I’m more impressed with the pilot. The technician is at least always clipped on to something. Holding that chopper steady like that takes immense skill.
    One enexpected gust of wind that pushes those rotors into the power line, and they are both toast.
    Hi Brad–
    I agree.  The guy did a great job of holding it steady.  In fact, as I discovered later, that video came from a larger film about helicopters.

  3. I was thinking ‘I don’t want to be that pilot, either!’ as I watched. I love flying too, but the flying in shots made me feel a bit queasy. I hope they both get paid a serious lot of money!
    I don’t know about them, but I would have to be paid a whole lot to do either job.

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