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  1. Dr Eades, I’m a fit 54 and I’ve followed a ketogenic diet for a 2.5 years (on and off) with great results (body comp, blood) which i have monitored carefully. A couple of questions interest me at the moment: (1) Dietary fiber. I haven’t found much in the keto literature addressing fiber requirements. A decade ago most people were saying you should aim for 30-40 g of fiber a day. But it’s virtually impossible to get this if your carb intake is < 50 g / day. I get some fiber from nuts and berries but decided to supplement with a tablespoon of pysllium husk daily (which doesn't add to carbs or calories because its not digested). Even so, I'm still far from 40 g/ day of fiber. What is the latest thinking about dietary fiber and do you have any suggestions about how to get adequate fiber on a low carb diet? (2) Since starting the keto diet 2 years ago my blood glucose and insulin have been at low levels, as expected. (last lab test was 66 mg/dl fasting glucose; HbA1c was 5.1% and insulin 2.3 ml/U/L. My daily blood tests done at home consistently show glucose around 80-85). However, over the same period i have also noticed an increase in SHBG (146 nmol/L latest) (an inverse correlation with insulin and SBHG has been reported in the literature) and a drop in free testosterone (latest 2.57 ng/dL), total T (657 ng/dL; was 890, 5 years ago) and a corresponding impact on libido. These things may or may not be causally related to the diet but I'd be curious to know if you have observed this effect elsewhere, or if others have reported it.

    • We’re sorry that medico-legal regulations prevent us from being able to answer questions about or make recommendations for specific medical issues for individuals online, by phone, or by mail. Our book Protein Power does address the issue of fiber and its non-importance. In general, it would make sense that a rise in SBHG would correlate with a drop in free testosterone. The levels also drop with aging. Sounds like a visit to a specialist well-acquainted with balancing male hormones might also be a good idea.

  2. You had a calendar that could be put on the refrigerator that showed exactly what you should be eating for each mile. Is that still available and if it is, where can I find it?

  3. I have been on the Thin So Fast diet in the past and am about to restart it. I read where you would have eliminated the powered milk now as it was just for flavor. I also read the Protein Power book and figured the amount of protein I should consume per meal.
    Question: Should I be using the amount of protein powder per shake that was calculated in the book for my LBM? I use no carb protein powder and it equals 2 scoops for 50 grams of protein.
    Should I be consuming 8 scoops as well as the meal as described for the plan?

    Would appreciate some guidance on this issue.
    Mary B.

    • Sorry for the delay — a whole batch of comments got lost when we migrated our website and have only just now resurfaced. The dried milk was not only for flavor — it was for nutritional content as well. And to give the shake some body. Nowadays protein powders on the market usually have a whey base. How much protein you require would depend on how much your lean body weighs, but unless you are quite quite heavy, we would be very surprised if you needed more than one scoop of the powder you describe per serving and no more than 2 or 3 times a day and a similarly sized meal at night. 8 scoops of protein powder such as you describe would be 200 grams of protein a day and that would be a huge amount per day even before the meal.

  4. In the year 1999 or 2000,I bought a diet workbook type book of yours ,it worked,I lost 20 pounds over a course of 4 months,it was the only diet I can remember that actually worked,I have lost the book,over the course of 15 years it has come back,the weight,due to i am 66 now and not as active,I cannot figure how to get another book like that,I think I got it from a TV infomercial,i can remember in my mind a woman saying something about you can eat a salad so big and you will still loose weight.Can you help me figure out what workbook that was so I can get one? Thank You

    • Sorry — the workbook Protein Power product has not been available for many years. The information in it, however, is available in our book called Protein Power and in our follow up books, such as The 30-Day Low Carb Diet and 6-Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle.

  5. Please give me information on how to obtain the protein power kit and cd’s . I have perchased this product before.

  6. I have high cholestrol and border line diabetic I don’t take polls for it only for my high cholestrol but I do watch what I eat . I want to find out if cream of what or oatmeal is best . Is it better to just cook it or better if it’s instant let me know if you can thanks

  7. I have been doing protein power for over a year – lost about 15#. I have bounced on and off the diet, but recently have been much stronger at it.
    I am trying to figure out why the carb count on raspberries more than doubles when they are frozen – these are plain old raspberries – nothing added

  8. I was planning to start the six week cure but have discovered that Enova Oil is off the market. What should that be replaced with or will I get acceptable results without it?

    • It was, if anything, a tiny part of the plan, but we wanted to present it exactly as we did it, so we included it. You’ll be fine without it.

  9. Do you have any recommendations for peri-menopausal women wanting to continue to lose weight while following a low-carb lifestyle? I have found very little information on this subject. Does there need to be an adjustment in the number of carbs or calories? Different supplements? Any direction would be very helpful! Thanks!!

    • Sorry for the delay — we’ve been away and the comments overwhelming. You might want to see our book 6-week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle that goes into some detail on the subject of menopause and weight loss. In a nutshell, it’s likely to be hormone imbalance and will require someone adept at diagnosing the disruption and rebalancing them.

  10. I am going to do the rehabilitation shake you have in your book for a couple of days. My bowel is in need of this. So I thought I would do it first then go on to the rest. I am just wondering if I could add a little powdered cocoa to the shake. ?

  11. My wife and I are on week 4 of the six week cure for the middle aged middle.
    We are currently not on any medications and in good health. I have seen a difference in my middle both in inches and in my weight, down about 12-13 pounds. My wife on the other hand has not seem any change in her middle and lost about 8 pounds to date most of which was in the first two weeks. We are both trying to loose about 25 pounds and change our diet.
    She has tried other diets like Weight watchers and Jenny Craig. She looses 8-10 pounds in the first month or so and then stalls out.
    She is questioning why she should continue on depriving herself of the carbs she craves like bread, pasta, deserts, chocolate etc because she is not getting the results without them but could have them in moderation on the other plans.

    Peter Thompson

    • Sorry for the delay in response. This comment got buried in the stack. Bemoaning the difference between how men and women lose weight in middle age is a common theme. It’s often about the major hormonal shifts that occur in women in middle age and until that issue is squarely resolved it’s hard to achieve real weight loss. Tackling hormone imbalances is a process in itself and merits working with a physician skilled in female reproductive hormonal balancing to accomplish it.

  12. I read the book protein power back in 1998, or so. At that time, a protein bar was sold, that was a life saver for me. I was vanilla flavored, and so convenient. I’ve never found a bar since that time, that satisfied me and had a “truly” low glycemic index with no side effects (I tend to get swelling in the fingers). Why is the product no longer available?

    • Sorry that the bar is no more. The problem, then, was that the minimum order quantity of 25,000 bars was too many to sell in the days when there was no Amazon. We had to toss MANY bars that went out of date and it became a huge waste of money and not cost effective to continue them.

    Federal Tax I.D. #56-1042434
    ANDREW CLIFFORD (336) 378-1212
    (336) 346-3292

    April 19, 2016

    Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades
    2275 W. Midway Boulevard #B
    Broomfield, CO 80020

    Dear Drs. Eades,

    I am writing you this letter in celebration of my 20th year as a Protein Powerer. It was April 19, 1996 that I picked up Protein Power and dismissed it as just another fad diet. I had had a mild MI five years previously and my cardiologist had put me on a low-fat, high carb diet. I would often sit on the couch and drink a beer while eating a one-pound bag of pretzels.

    Because my wife had given me your book, I felt I had some obligation to at least read a few paragraphs. I decided to give it a try even though I was totally skeptical. Seven weeks later in early June, I had lost 7 pounds and all my blood lipid numbers had normalized. I have been singing your praises ever since. When my cardiologist asked me what my diet was about after seeing my blood numbers at the best rate since my heart attack, I told him about Protein Power. He and his wife have become Protein Power enthusiasts.

    When asked about the diet, I quote you by saying, “If you get a sausage biscuit, eat the sausage and throw away the biscuit.” Thanks again for keeping me above ground for the last twenty years.

    Yours truly,

    Locke T. Clifford

    • Dear Mr. Clifford what a pleasure it is to hear from you after so many years! We are thrilled that you have so long maintained your Protein Power bona fides and that you are healthy and doing well. Here’s wishing us all 20 more years of good food and health! MRE/MDE

  14. Hi Docs,

    I just started your 6 week “middle aged middle” program and realized I need a potassium supplement. Should I get Potassium Citrate, or Potassium Gluconate? Any tips on dosage in connections with the 6 week program?


    John R.

    • Sorry for the delay — we’ve been out of the country for a month and are trying to get caught up. Either of those potassium supplements is fine. We usually try to take about 4 of the 99 mg OTC variety of potassium each day if we are re-starting a ‘rehab’ week or two after a holiday.

  15. I am starting your protein diet today and it says I am allowed cream.I have a 1 liter carton of 10%half cream and half milk and there is 1 gram of sugar in the white box not in the ingredients per tablespoon.Is it ok for me to have this with the 1 gram of sugar?And is it ok to have salsa with 1 gram of sugar per TBS aswell and is it ok to have 90%percent dark chocolate with 2 grams of sugar per 3 squares?

    • 1 gram here or there isn’t a big deal regardless of where it comes from. It’s when you start having 1+1+1+1… day in and day out that it gets troublesome.

  16. Will you be attending upcoming Paleo Conference next week?? Have read your book – Protein
    Power Lifeplan – refer to often – would like to meet you two and get book signed. Please advise

    • In the abstract, a low-carb, protein adequate, good-fat rich diet would be the healthiest one for a person with a metabolic syndrome (and cardiovascular disease is a part of the metabolic syndrome complex). Markers of inflammation and cardiovascular risk do markedly improve as do symptoms. We’re not sure that there have been any studies undertaken to categorically determine if such a diet ‘reverses heart disease’.

  17. I am wondering about the impacts of Erythritol on humans, and hoping that you will be able to provide guidance. So far I have not found any information that motivates me to consume any of it, but if you feel it is safe, then I could change my mind. Thank you very much for your time — and your wonderful site!

  18. Dear Dr. Mary Dan Eades:
    I noticed your name on the radio I think so decided to google the name Mary Dan. You see, my name is Mary Dan. I have never met anyone with my name so it really caught my ear.
    I am named for my mother’s parents, Mary and Dan Roach who lived in Louisville Ky. I am curious if you are named for anyone in particular. It is such fun to have a unique name!

    Hoping to hear from you.

    Mary Dan Kuhnle, Slidell Louisiana

    PS I never go by Mary.

    • Dear Dr. Mary Dan Eades:
      I noticed your name on the radio I think so decided to google the name Mary Dan. You see, my name is Mary Dan. I have never met anyone with my name so it really caught my ear.
      I am named for my mother’s parents, Mary and Dan Roach who lived in Louisville Ky. I am curious if you are named for anyone in particular. It is such fun to have a unique name!

      Hoping to hear from you.

      Mary Dan Kuhnle, Slidell Louisiana

      PS I never go by Mary.

      • I too have never met anyone named Mary Dan. I am named Mary after my mother and Dan because it is a family name and there were no more boys in my generation. Good to know there is at least one more.

  19. Hello, after many years going to the PP forum for support, the page is suddenly gone.
    What has happened? I contacted one of the moderators I have become friends with and she has no clue as to why it disappeared.

    Help! I really do miss the support given by the forum.

    • The Forum wasn’t really ours — we just hosted it for free (to the Forum, not to us) on our site for many years. Unfortunately, it was apparently an easily hacked platform and that caused our webmaster no end of headaches. When we moved to the new site, we were unable to move the Forum onto the site proper. It may still be reachable at:

  20. I bought the complete Protein Power set that was sold on TV. Came with VCR tape and several books. Unfortunately my husband threw it out during our home’s remodel. I went to Amazon and purchased the book. In the first edition there was a website that sold the best protein bars. Is that still available? They were perfect for days that I was out working and needed a quick meal. I credit them with helping me lose my weight.

    • Sadly, those very delicious bars are no longer available. We generally use Quest bars, ourselves, when we need a quick meal.

  21. I am a litttle confused in regard to the supplements. Is there one general supplement that covers all the suggested supplements, or do we need to purchase all recommended supplements individually? That would be quite an investment! If there is one general supplement that covers the recommedations, could you enlighten me, and suggest one. I am getting ready to embark on The Cure and am excited to start the program. My main reason is to detox as I have been having an issue with some sort of sinus and lung congestion. I seem to be having allergic reactions to my enviourment. Thank you for any light you can shed on the issue stated.

    • There isn’t one single supplement that covers everything, unfortunately. Our manufacturer of the product Drs. Eades’ Daily Regimen that used to contain most of the basics has stopped manufacturing the product and we are looking for a suitable, cost-effective replacement.

  22. I was just wondering about this this morning, but wasn’t sure where to look for an answer, if there is one. Do you know anything about how the caloric needs of contemporary human beings compare with other animals and also earlier humans? Do you think that increased brain capacity and brain intensity might have driven up the need for increased ready fuel from food, irrespective of how our body mass might compare with the animals that are most similar to us, for example the great apes. In part I was reflecting on claims that return to a paleo diet is healthy for contemporary humans, but I was also thinking that we are far more mentally active in combination now, of course, with possibly being more sedentary. I supposed if I tried to condense my questions, have the caloric needs of humans changed over time, driven perhaps by the brain.

  23. 15 or 20 years ago I read, and practiced, the protein power diet. Worked great! Lost 35-40 lb. Now I’m 76, went back on the diet, it’s not working. Lost only 4-5 lb. in almost 3 weeks. So, question – is the 30 grams carbohydrates recommendation based on normal activity? I have a pinched nerve in my back, so I cannot walk very far or often. Which means I sit a lot. Will that affect the diet?


    • Hi, Paul~
      A couple of things have happened, likely — less activity and more age. Unfortunately, time takes its toll and it becomes harder to lose the farther down the trail you go. Not impossible, just harder. In light of an inability to do much physically, a 70+ person may have to restrict carbs a bit more than before. And a good choice of exercise might be yoga, done slowly and safely with a knowledgeable instructor.

  24. Hello Dr. eades, I bought your books, did a lot of research, and have been following a low carb diet for over 4 years now, with amazing success. I even combine that with a fasting diet with even better success (eating one big meal a day at dinner, leading to better sleep, more energy, better workouts). I recently bought and read the Slowburn book, which i loved, but i have a tiny question regarding another type of exercise. I’ve been doing slowburn twice a week, with significant improvements, and i reduced my running 4 miles a week to a one time run of one mile, just to see if that can improve. What improves my running and dirtbike riding the most, however, is srinting, which is not mentioned in slowburn. There is a whole lot of studies showing that sprinting seems to work the type 2 fibers plentiful and is beneficial for our system, can i have your thoughts on that?
    Eugene D Bernard

    • Hi, Eugene~
      The information is Slow Burn was done as a collaboration with Fred Hahn, who is the expert on this slow strength training method. We dug in to provide the science behind why it would do the amazing things that it does. As to the benefits of sprinting, check out the exercise section in our Protein Power LifePlan book, which includes information on high interval training, in which category sprinting would qualify. Fred’s take on HIT is that it brings with it too much risk of injury, which isn’t without merit. From our standpoint, a high interval done safely is a good thing.

  25. Hello Dr. Eades , all right?
    I live in Brazil , I’m a dentist and I have great interest in the subject nutrition and metabolism. I found his book (“The Protein Power”) by chance in a bookstore in Brazil and the title caught my attention , but I bought it out of curiosity and skeptical that eating too much protein work. During the reading I realized how much sense does their food line and follow your book as if it were a nutritional bible, to give talks to known people can benefit from your program. For me it was great value! Thank you for editing and sharing your studies! A big hug

    • Thanks for your kind words. And realize it is not ‘too much protein’ but just an adequate amount that a given person needs based on lean body mass size and activity. Happy you found it helpful!

  26. Generally, when you see a patient who is over weight and suffering from hbp do you start them on the diet immediately after all test results are in, no matter what the results are? Have you ever had a patient that this plan didn’t work? If there are no hormonal problems with women, but they have no gall bladders do you suggests other ways of using the pp diet? Just asking if you ever had this situation, if you did what happened to said patient?

    • We have cared for many many middle aged women in our practice and there is no doubt that women approaching or at menopause have a much more difficult time losing weight. The newer book we wrote, ‘The 6 Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle’ addresses these issues in much more depth than Protein Power, though the food structure of the meals is much the same. The 6-Week Cure program relies on replacing some meals with protein shakes and can help jump start slightly older metabolisms or younger stubborn ones.

  27. Hello, Drs. Eades,
    I started with Protein Power in 1997 and it changed my health and, therefore, my life. Now, well into middle age, I needed something for my middle as I’ve come to resemble the female balloon on a stick! Thank God, for your new book, The 6 Week Cure. I’m in week one and doing well with it. But, in my large metropolitan city/area, I can not find leucine supplement capsules. (I do get 2500 mg in my protein which I’m making 3Xs a day). I’ve searched aggressively for the supplement. Can you recommend a source? I tend to be leery of the internet without recommendation from a trusted source. Many thanks for your amazing research and drive to improve health outcomes.

    • Hi Mauri ~ I think you wrote through customer service as well and this has already been answered.Just in case, you should be able to find a suitable source for bulk leucine powder on the internet. Let us know if you can’t find it.

  28. Hello
    I left a comment only to have it deleted. It was not offensive at all! I just wanted to know if people with no gall bladders could use this diet. How does this diet help with blood pressure?

    • People who have had gall bladder removal can certainly use this diet. Some may need to be careful about eating too much fat at a single meal, because the gall bladder’s chief function is to store bile to have it ready to emulsify the incoming dietary fat so that it can be properly absorbed in the intestine. Without a gall bladder, the liver still produces bile, but it sort of trickles out all the time instead of being stored in a sack for use after a meal. Most people do fine on a LC diet. Blood pressure in most cases resolves quickly and should be monitored closely by a physician in people taking blood pressure medication, which may have to be reduced.

  29. Hi Dr. Eades,

    I wanted to write and ask you a question about your product. I had ordered the Berry flavor last year and I remember it being a pinkish/red color and tasting very much like berries. I am currently having a dialogue with your customer service as 2 shipments of the Berry flavor I have received recently are yellow in color and tastes more like the citrus flavor. They are saying that the Berry flavor is not red.

    Have you recently changed the formula whereas all of the powder is yellow regardless of the flavor? I know I did not dream that the Berry flavor I ordered last year was red in color.

    I would like to have your perspective on this so I can clear up this misunderstanding, if there is one.

    Kindest Regards,
    K. Craft

    • Dear Kathryn, We haven’t changed a thing. Did the containers have ‘Berry’ in pink printed on them? If so and it had citrusy tasting powder inside, we’ll have to check the lot to be sure they didn’t get mislabeled with the wrong flavor at the factory! Meantime, you might try the Cherry. It’s delicious.

    • Hi, Cindy~
      We are working on it now. Our manufacturer announced it would no longer be able to make this product, so we’re seeking a replacement that we find acceptable.

  30. I was wondering if it is possible to find the protein power plan that you had out years ago with all the told you what to eat and when.I loved that series and lost all my weight but don’t have it any more.I would love to find it again.Anything you can do for me?thank you sherry

    • Drs. Eades respond: Sherry, thanks for asking. From your question we think you are talking about the infomercial product (tapes, workbook, mealplans, poster) based on our book Protein Power that were sold between about 1997 and 2002, but unfortunately none of those remain. Occasionally one turns up on eBay or somewhere, so you might try googling for it. We have none of them, however. The information in them was contained in the book Protein Power and if you’re looking for meal plans, you might try to find a copy of The 30-Day Low Carb Diet Solution (published by Wiley & Sons) that basically just tells you what to eat for 30 days. That might help. Good luck!

  31. I have brought you book Lose your Middle-Aged Middle and started the diet last Thursday. I am finding it hard to take the Power Up Shakes as they make me feel sick. I think it is the amount of cream used. Is it possible to use half the amount of cream?

  32. @DrEades Hello
    My name is Barry Bennett. I remember reading one of your blogs about an updated book on your high protein diet. In 1999 my ex-wife and I read that book, followed that book and had great results. I wish I would have kept that way of eating a way of life. Never felt better. Now I have been diagnosed with diabetes again. Naturally the Doctor has me on drugs. But to his surprise I’m not taking them. Thanks to the low carb way of eating. The problem I’m having now is the fact that your research is over 20 years old. Because of this I can not only convince my Doctor but my friends want to know why I would follow something that old. Since going back on the high protein my blood sugar has already dropped over 100 points, and it’s only been two weeks. BUT, in your blog you mentioned there were things that have changed. I know your original book works, but am I missing out due to over 20 years of new discoveries.
    Thank you,
    @sailinggpa1 Barry

    • I’m glad you did so well the first time around with the low-carb diet, and I’m delighted to hear that your diabetes is responding now.

      If anything, the evidence that low-carb diets are the optimal choice for those with diabetes is stronger than it was 20 years ago.

      Here is a link to a recent paper, most of the authors of which are colleagues of mine, showing the carb restriction should be the first line of treatment for diabetes.

      Thanks for writing.

  33. Hi Dr Eades,
    I have purchased your Protein Power and 30 day Low-Carb diet plan books and am excited to get started but have one question before starting the 30 day plan. Do I use my ‘target weight’ or my ‘current rate’ to calculate protein/carb requirements? My concern is that if I use my current weight I will eat too much and never get to my ‘ideal’ weight – which would have a lower daily requirement. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around eating for my existing weight and losing weight. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi, Ramona~
      You need to feed your lean body mass, not your over all weight, with protein. If you are very heavy for your height, and being female, we would recommend that you eat the portion size one lower than your estimated lean weight would suggest. You can make the calculations with weights and measurements using the tables you’ll find in Protein Power and, most likely, you’ll select the medium sized portion (about 4 ounces of meat per serving) referred to in the 30-Day LCD Solution. We wish you success in reclaiming your health and fitness!