The Arrow is brought to you in part by Dry Farm Wines.

If you’re a long-time reader, you know that MD and I love a good glass or three of wine. Who doesn’t? But with equal passion, we hate the had-one-glass-too-many after effects: the headache, stuffy nose, and that feeling of being hung down and brung down. Then, on the recommendation of an oenophile friend and a subsequent go-face-first tasting experience, we discovered Dry Farm Wines and the joy of all the fun and flavor without the headaches, sleeplessness, and hang overs. Makes the wine drinking experience much better.

Dry Farm Wines sources their curated global collection from small family farms, choosing only organic wines that meet very stringent criteria: very low in sugar (less than 0.15g per glass), lower in alcohol (less than 12.5%), lower in sulfites, and free of the more than 70 FDA-approved wine-making additives responsible for many/most of the unpleasant after effects. They’re even third party tested for purity.

These keto and paleo friendly wines are delicious, but perhaps best of all, they are unusual ones you’d likely never find on your local liquor retailer’s shelf.

All purchases come with the Dry Farms Wines 100% Happiness Promise, i.e. – the company will refund or replace any bottle you do not love. And there’s even a first-time buyer’s perk for our readers — get an additional bottle for just 1¢ with your first purchase. Find out more about the offer here or just click the graphic below.