The Arrow is brought to you in part by our friends at HLTH Code.

Back in the dim and distant past when I wrote Thin So Fast (1989), a book detailing how to undertake a protein-sparing fast at home, MD had to come up with a home recipe for a protein shake, because there was really no such thing commercially available. I know that’s incredible to believe with the horde of protein shake products crowding the shelves in grocery, big box, and health food stores nowadays. There are lots of them. But there’s not a single one of them that compares to the quality and nutritional value of HLTH Code Complete Meal, a shake formula created by Dr. Ben Bikman, one of the top researchers in insulin resistance and low-carb diets working today.

Most meal replacement products don’t have much fat in them, and those that do typically have fats from crappy seed oils. The HLTH Code products contain quality, healthy saturated fats, and if you’ve seen my video of my presentation on that topic at LowCarb Denver, you know the critical role these fats play in setting all the metabolic machinery in motion for successful weight loss.

HLTH Code products aren’t the least expensive shakes on the market–quality like this doesn’t come cheap–but IMHO they are truly the best nutritional bang for the buck. A quick, complete meal on the go. Comes in two delicious flavors: Creamy Vanilla or Chocolate Macadamia (shown below).

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