Around the Eades’ household, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the major holidays, practically on par with Thanksgiving. It stands to reason it would become so, since for years, ours was a family of males: Mike, three sons, and even two male dogs at one point. I was the lone female counterweight. Probably even the three goldfish were males; it’s hard to tell. But, certainly the two stinky ferrets were.

Of the five human family members, however, four were, and still are, rabid football fans.

It may surprise you (unless you’ve read my blog since the beginning) to learn that I am one of those four. It’s our youngest son, who can take or leave the gridiron action; the rest of us are glued to the tube from the opening kickoff, cheering ourselves hoarse for our team, which would be the Cowboys, Broncos, Seahawks or Razorbacks, if they’re playing. If not it would be whichever team we’ve chosen to support that Sunday (or Monday, Saturday, or sometimes Thursday) or whichever team Mike has a gentleman’s bet riding on.

Therefore, this coming Sunday is a big holiday in three of our four houses: ours and those of our two older sons and their families. Our grandsons are split at this point on the subject of football; the older one can pretty much take it or leave it, but the younger, who just turned 5, is a chip off the old Granny. He will watch any game, with any teams, and if nothing else is on, will happily, as he recently put it, watch “the men talk about football” on ESPN…while wearing his complete, official child-sized Dallas Cowboys or Denver Broncos uniform (one a gift from Santa Claus and the other a gift from Granny and Grandad.) Their mother, while not remotely as fervant a fan as I, has been in the family fold long enough to enjoy watching the big games. She, too, being the lone female counterweight to a house full of males, including even their dog, Humphrey, probably feels that if you can’t beat ’em, join em.

Our middle son has been a Seattle Seahawks fan since he was in grade school, an odd choice of team loyalty to be sure for a boy who grew up in Arkansas. But his blood runs Seahawk blue and green and he’s even raising a next generation Seahawk fan, teaching his 2 year old daughter to say “Go Seahawks” and “I love football!” before she could say a whole lot else. She’s now a big girl of 3 and sometimes watches the Sunday games with her daddy. Her mom prefers shopping to football; in fact, she prefers doing just about anything to watching football. Maybe, in time, she’ll come around. Probably just needs a few sons.

So how does a family of fervant football fans provision itself foodwise for the big event? Here’s what I’ve got planned this year:

Angel Wings
Oven Baked Hot Wings
Carrot and Celery Sticks with BlueCheese dressing
Blue Cheese Lorraine Miniatures
Chile con Queso with Chicharones
Guacamole with Spicy Fresh Jicama Sticks
Blackthorne Hard Cider, Budweiser Select, or Guiltless Margaritas

(The highlighted links above will take you to our Low Carb CookwoRx tv show’s website. Simply type in the recipe title or a close approximation of it and the search engine will take you straightaway to the recipe for these, which are also found in the companion cookbook to the show.)

Stay tuned…I’ll locate the recipes for the other dishes and post them tomorrow.


  1. MMmm! I am going to a chili cookoff superbowl party (no Bears or Colts fans in the crowd, so we are doubling up the fun) and it may be a bit of a challenge to eat more healthful foods. The crowd are big drinkers, too. I must get some Blackthorne Hard Cider! Anyway, the recipes look great. If I find the time and motivation, I’ll take something I know I can eat.

    BTW, the Lorraine Miniatures wasn’t coming up when I searched for it.

    COMMENT from MD EADES: Search under Bluecheese Miniatures or Blue Cheesecake Miniatures. It did come up for me when I checked. If you can find it, Hardcore Cider (usually on tap in Irish pubs) is better than Blackthorne, but the Blackthorne in 1 liter bottles or sometimes Woodchuck in single serving bottles are more readily available.

  2. I often wish I was an NFL fan, just so I’d have an excuse to put out a huge spread of wings, LC Mexican food, and a couple of cases of Labatt Sterling (a Canadian LC beer). My mouth waters reading about everyone’s Superbowl feasts on the forums.

    COMMENT from MD EADES: Nothing says you couldn’t put out the spread, plug your ears into an MP3 player, tune out the game, or go for a long walk until half time, then enjoy a feast with the fans!

  3. Patriots fan here, but not quite as “rabid” as you sound! Thanks for the recipes and links! we’ll be watching, but not sure who I’m going to cheer for!

    COMMENT from MD EADES: As you can tell from the post, none of our families’ favorites made it to the big game this year. We’re undecided, too, as to which team to throw our emotional weight behind tomorrow. It would be nice to finally see Peyton win the big one, but that’s a really tough Chicago defense he’ll have to weather to do it.

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    COMMENT from MD EADES: I suppose it’s something that’s just up to Google. Actually I wasn’t aware anything had been picked up by Google news.

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