I love mayonnaise. Always have. But, as I’ve written before, I find most of what populates store shelves unacceptable — filled with partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil or soybean or some other equally wretched seed or vegetable oils. And so I have tended to make my own for the last many years, using EVOO, avocado oil, or macadamia nut oil. And though it’s yummy, for sure, and is pretty easy to make, it’s not something that you can just decide on an instant to eat and homemade versions won’t keep too long in the fridge.

So how delighted was I when our good buddy, Mark Sisson, decided to solve the problem for us all by creating his Primal Kitchen avocado oil Mayo? Exceptionally so! Made with cage free eggs and organic avocado oil, it’s nothing but good.

It’s so delicious and such a convenience to be able to just grab it from the fridge and whip up Caesar dressing or slaw dressing (as I did last night) or slather it on a bison burger or make tuna, avocado, and egg salad. We use so much of it, we should probably buy it by the 55-gallon drum!

OK. I exaggerate, but not by much.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you are in for such a treat. It’s creamy and has just enough piquancy to be imminently satisfying.
There’s even a new Chipotle Lime version that is just as delightful and a whole line of avo oil salad dressings.

You can find it here on Amazon, but it might also be available at your local Whole Foods or other gourmet foods market. It’s even available at my local Raley’s market in our tiny berg up on Lake Tahoe.

So, thanks, Mark! You’ve made my life much simpler!



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