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The American Heart Association has a keen grasp of the obvious…or do they?

The American Heart Association (AHA)promotes their latest weight-loss scheme in a new book, The No-Fad Diet. This book advises those wishing to lose weight to cut calories by 25% and–Voila!–a slow but (according to the AHA) permanent weight loss ensues. And they recommend moderate exercise to aid the process. The circle has come full round….

Posted on 13th June 2005

Consumer Freedom verses CSPI

Melanie Warner writes about the ongoing battle between Michael Jacobson, leader of the notorious Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), and his nemesis Rick Berman, who heads up the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), a “consumer’s” advocacy group. At issue is the right and moral obligation of manufacturers to either sell or quit…

Posted on 13th June 2005

The Growing Economic Threat from China

Read what one of my all time favorite columnists, Mark Steyn, has to say about the econimic tsunami that is supposedly heading our way from China.

Posted on 13th June 2005

A good suntan is the best sunscreen of all

Want to save your skin with the latest miracle sunscreen? How about a cheaper, healthier way that’s a lot more fun and looks better? It’s called a nice tan. From the Protein Power LifePlan, Chapter 10, Sunshine Superman: What happens when we slather on the sunblock? Many of the sunblocking agents currently of the market…

Posted on 13th June 2005

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