Robert Crayhon puts on a terrific nutrition/dietary/alternative medicine seminar called Boulderfest every July. I have spoken at several of these meetings, and I can tell you that they are both fun and informative. If you can attend, by all means do so.
This years Boulderfest will feature Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD. Dr. Ravnskov, who has published extensively in the medical literature, is the author of an eye-opening book entitled The Cholesterol Myths, which I can’t recommend highly enough.
The Cholesterol Myths details how the medical literature a) fails to make the case for cholesterol or fat in the diet causing elevated cholesterol in the blood; and b) fails to make the case that elevated cholesterol in the blood causes heart disease.
If you’ve got a hole in your schedule July 13-17, try to make it to Boulder.

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