At dinner with friends a few weeks back the movie Dirty Harry came up in conversation.  I remarked that I had never seen the movie, which the entire group seemed to consider a major defect in my intellectual development.  MD and I rented the movie and watched it last night.
Although I can’t say that my life was particularly enriched by the experience, I did find something I thought was tremendously interesting: all the people in the movie were thin.  Not just the actors, but all the people in the street scenes and other group scenes.  Dirty Harry was filmed in 1970, which was right before the whole obesity epidemic we’re now in the throes of kicked off.
It’s amazing (at least it was to me) how we’ve gotten so used to the obesity situation as it now exists (and that it’s as bad as it is), and that we (I) perceive people considered normal a mere 25 years ago as being skinny.

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