It’s here at last! For all of you who have been so patiently waiting for the Drs. Eades’ Daily Regimen multivitamin supplement to be back on our virtual shelves, the wait is over!

The process took a bit longer than we expected, because we engaged the services of a new manufacturer to help us reformulate the product. The result is a new and improved version of our cello-pak vitamin/mineral supplement in a brand new (and, we’re happy to report, substantially smaller) package. The new formulation also allowed us to combine a couple of nutrients and reduce 5 pills to 4, which makes for easier swallowing.

Ingredient costs have risen since we made the last formulation and consequently the product cost is substantially higher, but we wouldn’t settle for less than the optimal quality ingredients. Thus we had to raise the price of the product slightly, but we made every effort to keep it as affordable as we could.

Same quality, same convenience, new look. The new and improved Daily Regimen will be the first in a series of custom designed products under the all new Drs. Eades’ Signature Nutrients brand. We like the new look and hope you will, too.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the update. I’m new to PPLP and I love the diet. I’ve bought about 4 of your books. They are very informative. I look forward to purchasing your new daily supplements.

    COMMENT from MD EADES: Thanks for the kind words; we’re glad you like the books and the diet. And we hope you like the new and improved Daily Regimen. We do.

  2. I sent a comment previously, but I think I forgot to re-type in the passcode after ‘previewing’ what I wrote, so forgive me if you’ve already gotten this.

    I’m looking forward to trying your multi-packs once I’m through my current supply of vitamins. I used to use the GNC vitapacks before trying the ‘Ultra Mega Mens without Iron,’ with some other supplements to make up what it didn’t seem to have. I did have a few questions, though.

    In addition to the multi-packs, what else do you recommend? I’ve been basically going by the recommendations in the Protein Power Lifeplan, with l-Carnitine every other month, and started taking Krill Oil recently, too. I’d love to cut down on the number of bottles (as well as the expense!) from piecing together so many different supplements.

    I was also curious about the tocotrienol forms of Vitamin E, since neither your regimen nor ‘Unique E’ has them. Are they worth getting in supplements?

    Also, I’ve discovered a Magnesium Citrate supplement in the form of a powder that you make a fizzy hot drink out of called Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm. Have you had any experience with it?

    Thanks a lot!

    COMMENT from MD EADES: On most days we both take the Daily Regimen, some krill oil, some ProOmega, some extra vitamin D3 (a variation from the LifePlan based on newer data). I take a 5HT before bed and Mike opts for melatonin. He also takes curcumin several days a week (when he plays golf). Occasionally we take some extra coQ10 (above what’s in the Daily Regimen packs) and occasionally some extra potassium and magnesium (above what’s in the packs).

    For better info than I have time or space to offer, go to the Grace Vitamin E website and read up on tocotrienols.

    As to mag citrate, it’s what we always used on the surgery wards to prep patients for surgery–ie to clean out their colon. It’s quite a cathartic if you take too much, so I’d be a bit careful with the amount. In the doses we recommend for magnesium, it’s quite calming and usually won’t stimulate bowel overactivity. In bigger doses, it will exceed bowel tolerance.

  3. Do you still follow the same regimen in your comment, or has anything changed?

    The more detail and suggestions you can provide regarding supplements, the better. There’s so much out there.

    Thank you for PPL; it’s wonderful.

    COMMENT from MD EADES: We still take the Regimen, as sold on the website, every day.

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