I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.  I hope 2012 brings good things to us all.
I also want to use this post to do a little housekeeping and let everyone know I’m going to try my hardest to post more frequently in 2012 (one of my resolutions, in fact).  But given my horrendous schedule lately (which shows no signs of letting up anytime soon), the only way I can post more regularly is to devote way less time to dealing with comments.
When I first started this blog six or seven years ago (June 2005, I think), I had almost no comments.  Before I kicked it off, I read a few niche blogs about the whole concept of blogging.  Many of those bloggers had readers asking about how to get more comments.  Some were asking if it were kosher to write comments under fake names so it would look like the blogger had a greater readership.  I don’t think I got a comment on the first bunch of blog posts I wrote, so I was wondering about that myself.
Then comments started trickling in.  I was so ecstatic that I would often write responses to those comments that were longer than the comments themselves.  I made it a practice to respond to practically every comment.  Once people started noticing this, I began to get medical questions submitted as comments.  The medico-legal situation is such that licensed physicians can’t really be providing medical advice online to patients they haven’t established a physician-patient relationship with.  It’s strange, but someone with absolutely no medical knowledge can give all kinds of medical advice without ever having to worry about legal consequences whereas a licensed physician can get in a world of legal and medical board hot water doing the same thing.  Even if the advice is spot on.  So I had to be careful in what I answered.  I usually simply told those commenters that I couldn’t give medical advice over the internet.
Not only did the medical questions start coming in more frequently but the comments in general began arriving in torrents.  Since I had been replying to practically every comment, people writing the comments structured them more as questions than comments.  Before I knew it, each post I wrote was generating dozens of comments (now it’s in the hundreds), and I was spending more time dealing with the comments than I was writing the posts.
But I soldiered on trying my best to keep up.  Finally it reached the point at which I simply didn’t have the time to do it.  I would respond to comments here and there that didn’t require long answers or that asked questions that I thought the answers to would be of interest to everyone.  Softhearted guy that I am, though, I would always worry that someone who didn’t get a question answered would think, Why did he answer so and so’s question but not mine?
And the biggest problem of all is that sometimes I would come across a comment/question that I really wanted to answer but didn’t have the time when the comment came in.  As I was waiting to answer the question, a load of other comments would come in.  Since the comments are posted chronologically based upon when they came in (not when I answered them), if I simply posted the comments that came in after the one I was waiting to answer, then when I finally answered that one, it would be buried way above all the others I had already posted.  Consequently, I would hold all in moderation until I got around to answering the one.  But over the last few years, the comments pile up so quickly that before I knew it there would be literally a hundred or so comments stacked up.  As I scanned through them, I would find several others I wanted to respond to, but couldn’t until I responded to the first one.  Finally, I would do a marathon of comment answering and get them all posted.  Then people would start writing back with comments and questions on the comments I had written, and in short order there would be fifty more comments awaiting moderation.
A couple of months ago, I wrote a post and ended up with over 300 comments in moderation.  I almost couldn’t bring myself to look at my own blog because of all the comments stacking up.  I had a few free days over the holidays (and had almost 400 comments by then), so I resolved to get them all posted.  Which I did.  I answered a few here and there, but for the most part I simply approved them without comment.
I am resolved now to spend more time in posting and less time in dealing with comments.  I will occasionally answer a question if I can do it in a short answer, but I simply don’t have the time for long explicit answers and engaging in back and forth arguments.  So if you submit a question and don’t get an answer, don’t get your feelings hurt.
And please, please, please don’t ask specific medical questions because you absolutely won’t get those answered.  Don’t feel bad if you see me answering what appears to you to be a medical question and not answering one you might submit.  There is a fine line between what constitutes giving medical advice and what is simply an answer to a medical question.  I’ve been around long enough to know what that fine line is, so rest assured that if you see what appears to you as my answering a medical question, it really isn’t.
One last thing about the comments.  In the not too distant past I would scrounge through all the spam in the spam folder looking for legit comments that got disposed of there.  Now I can’t do that because I get about 1000 spam hits per day (just checked and there were 1738).  If you submit a comment and it doesn’t show up, it may have been gobbled up by my spam catcher, so resubmit.  If you have a lot of links included in your comment, it increases the odds the spam filter will get it, so if it doesn’t show, resend without so many links or make it into two or three comments.
Finally, there have been a ton of questions about specific products (and their availability) that I have approved in my last great mass approval.  Here is the current status of those products.
We have no supplies of Protexid at this time.  I hope to have some made and available within the next month or so.  Keep checking the website for availability or I may stick up a quick post.
Metabosol is now available in the products section.  Thanks to everyone for their feedback on it.
Pentabosol is no longer being made.  We have replaced it with Metabosol, which is made of the same active ingredients but with a natural sweetener instead of an artificial one.
Thanks to all of you who have hung in there with me despite all my absences.  I’m going to work hard to not be AWOL again.
And once again, a Happy New Year to all.
Vintage Happy New Year card above from Daisy Fairbanks.


  1. It is great to have you back as I’ve always found your posts interesting and informative. I’ve been reading a few years but was perhaps intimidated by the many comments with specific questions and information and felt I couldn’t somehow “compete”. Reading your blog and reading Taubes rekindled an interest in biochemistry and research that I had forgotten in the many years since college and I always look forward to more posts, on whatever subject. It sounds good to just let the comment section take on its own life and free up some energy for blogging.

  2. Your posts are so informative – please use what time you have to do them, not answer comments. Most blogs I read do not have blogger responses to comments, as it is simply too time-consuming for the blogger.
    If you find some comments you would like to respond to, perhaps you could save them up and do a blog that covers them? Then we would all see the comments and responses, without having to go back through old blogs to see if something new has been added. More time efficient for you and for us.

  3. In today’s economy, a lot of the overweight and obese folk might not be working. Which makes popping for organic foods AND supplements seemingly out of range. I am in that boat, and still trying to do the 6 week gig to eliminate my spare tire. In the book it seems that Enova is still available. I looked it up on-line and got the impression it’s not. I’ll be looking locally today, bu have you any further info on that?
    Have you ever considered how to adopt this plan to those who are in the growing swiftly segment of society that has less to spend on good food and supplements? I was lucky. I had a bunch of protein powders sitting around.
    Otherwise, I like your writings. I’m reading some Taubes as well as your book, and more on the way. And my wife, more so than I, dislikes eating meat from the killing perspective. So, vegetable/supplement versions of the plan?

    1. Enova has gone bye-bye, as far as I can tell. I use coconut oil – just nuke for 20 – 30 seconds, and blend into your smoothie a thin stream on high. Or just chug it.
      It would be really hard to do this as a vegetarian – too many carbs/gram of protein. Not meant to be.
      You might find some comfort reading “The Vegetarian Myth”. The good doc wrote a review thereof some time back.
      As for food cost, try to join or form a co-op. Raise chickens on table and/or garden scraps, and worms from your worm bin, if you have a bit of room. Eat the protein you can afford – fish, poultry, eggs, cheap stew meat. Take the fat off the latter if it’s not grass-fed and finished, and make it up with good quality organic coconut oil and pastured butter (Costco has Kerrygold salted Irish Butter). Grab a friend or two and go to Costco, buy in bulk and share. You can get supplements there as well. And for all that’s good and holy, stay out of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club – they aren’t honest about the quality of their stuff, and not that much cheaper, if at all, when it comes to food.
      Don’t pay attention to the expensive little ‘low-carb’ snack bars and breads. They are junk food by another name.
      I almost always eat at home, and cook from scratch. My food bill has not gone up – eating less balances out any price increases.
      Happy new year to all. May it be better for everyone.

  4. A very reasonable and sensible policy, IMO. I know I’d much rather have another excellent post from you than a reply to this comment! Might I suggest linking to this post in the sidebar of your blog so it’s right out there where people can easily see it?

  5. I’d be interested in any reaction to yesterday’s NY Times Magazine cover story about the metabolic changes following substantial weight loss — changes that are the body’s own built-in booby trap to make you gain back the weight! It was supremely depressing stuff.
    I myself had great success 15 years ago when I initially went on the Protein Power plan. But once I slipped off the wagon, I have never again successfully lost those regained inches. Pounds are very easy to gain and arduous to lose, even on the “cure for the middle-aged middle” regimen. =(

  6. BRAVO! Finally someone is addressing this issue! It would be even better if you could turn comments OFF ;)! But then again, you wouldn’t have read this! Catch-22 but definitely to your credit to do this! Happy New Year!

  7. I look forward to seeing more posts from you! I’ve really missed getting those posts you use to send pretty frequently. I love how you pull apart studies and get to the real nitty gritty. Cheers!

  8. Thanks, Dr. Eades, for endeavouring to remain posting. You are a voice of reason for many and we (If I can speak for anyone other than myself.) will look forward to whatever you have to say. Your logical, well-written posts and responses are well appreciated as islands of respectful discourse in the otherwise Wacky World of Web forums and lists with way too much flaming going on.
    All the best to you and yours in the New Year! (Same goes to all the readers and commenters!)

  9. I’m so glad you’ll be back to more frequent blogging! I get so much out of it.
    You could even turn comments off so as to not pollute your inbox. Plus, I can’t stand seeing all the argumentative comments, especially the ones trying to disprove everything you write. I always want to ask…why are you reading then, if you so wildly disagree? I don’t read stuff with which I completely disagree. I can’t stand Dr. Oz…guess what….I never read what he writes!

  10. Good to have you back! I’d rather you spend time blogging rather than answering Comments!!!
    Happy New Year!!

  11. If for me, and the post previous too, I should be back for the medical posts in the future. That’s always been the area that interests me, and possibly could be further in my future, health considering.

  12. I’m very happy to read that you intend to write more. I have learned so much from you; I hang on your every word. How about just closing the comments entirely or closing them a couple hours after posting?

  13. I think if you stop commenting on the comments, your life would be a lot easier. I’ll be the first to admit, though, that I’ve always enjoyed reading them.

  14. Happy New Year, Dr. Eades. I hope all is well at your house. I’m looking forward to reading your posts this year. 🙂

  15. Dr. Mike
    I agree with you thoughts on not responding to comments. However, your readers are an awesome bunch of intelligent people. There are some I enjoy very much (such as Might-o-chondrial – he rocks) and learn a lot from.
    Thank you so much for all your share with us!

  16. Looking forward to all the new posts! And happy new year to you.
    I’d like to second Randall’s interest in your reaction to the NY Times article. I’m just getting back on the LC wagon and am feeling pretty worried, based both on the article and what I’ve heard. Hopefully the Metabosol that’s on its way to me will help!
    No response expected, of course. Have a great day!

  17. Just FYI, Doc, you *cannot* be AWOL, i.e. Absent Without Official Leave. Since you are responsible for yourself, any Leave you grant to yourself is by definition “Official”. Unless, of course, you’re like a goodly number of us married folk, and your wife has considerable say in the matter. But I’ve noticed that the Dr. Mrs. Eades is somewhat partial to a fine spirit, so I suspect that with a bit of bribery, she’ll consent to making your absences “Official” on that front as well.
    Just thought I’d do my part to set your mind at ease on that score. 🙂
    Take care, and have a good year.

      1. MIA is *much* more apropos. 🙂 It implies that you’re actually *doing* something…
        (ducks, and runs like mad for cover…)

  18. I look forward to your posts and understand totally why you would need to cut back on answering comments. I would so rather have the posts than the answers to comments. The problem itself is encouraging as it means that lots of people are reading and learning (or at least being exposed to) information different than that which conventional wisdom provides, something we desperately need. Happy New Year to you and Dr. Mary Dan Eades!

  19. Put me down in the camp, that while I really appreciate your response to comments, also understand your time problems. Given the choice, I would rather see more posts and fewer responses.
    BTW: Just taking the opportunity to tell you the Sous Vide Supreme was my Christmas present this year. Really enjoying it . . . thanks for making this technology accesible to home cooks like me!
    Last: Prediction for this weekend — RazorBacks 24 Wildcats 13

  20. Thank you for your posts…and your tweets. When I need a fix, I go over to Twitter and catch your latest recommendations! Truly, Thank you for all the wonderful information that you gift to us! Happy New Year to you both!

  21. Looking forward to more posts, and to the sous vide coming to Australia (actually I’m in NZ but we share the same electrical socket design, so I can order from there).

  22. Dr. Eades, the above post is an automated spam post (craftily written, but spam nonetheless.)
    You may want to mark it as spam to throw a wrench into their efforts.

    1. Thanks. I ditched it. Usually I’m pretty much on top of those because they come in by the dozens. Didn’t catch that one, though.

  23. I would much rather see more posts from YOU than read the comments that the commenters comment to the commenters! LOL!

    1. Thanks for the links, Professor K. I read the second article about the “fat trap”. As Dr. Eades might put it: “And Jesus wept.” It is astonishing that in an article of such apparent breadth dealing with weight loss that carbohydrate restriction was never mentioned! Only in the story of the woman who had to work so hard to maintain her weight do we read that she doesn’t partake of bread, pasta, etc.. That’s good, but the author passes by it. The other point in that case study which is overlooked by the author is that the subject had once been morbidly obese rather than just overweight or having once been slightly obese (the author’s situation). It seems to me that the degree of metabolic damage occasioned by the former might put her in an unfortunately more difficult situation wherein carbohydrate restriction alone might not be enough. However, I’d bet dollars to …er … donuts, I guess, that the author would have her life changed if she read any of the low carb doctors (Drs. Eades, Rosedale, Westman, Volek, Phinney, etc.) or other lc writers, notably Mr. Taubes or Dr. Feinman, or the paleo writers such as Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson Tom Naughton. These are hardly exhaustive list, and there is such a further wealth of information and thousands of success stories out there that it is doubly amazing the author hasn’t come across them. I wonder if it’s coincidence, willful ignorance or if there are other agendas in the background?
      Now, on to the next article …sigh.

  24. I too have a hard time reading all the comments looking for the answer that I need, so I appreciate the focus on the blog itself which addresses the comments! So while you’re thinking of what to address next, can I please patiently put out a request? I lost 100 pounds last year using HCG, I plan to keep it off using Low carb/paleo with focus on veggies as largest portion on the plate. Question: Everytime I’ve lost weight, (even low carb and low calorie) my hair falls out (aprox 60%) I’m female pushing 50. What to do? Related to hormones or hybernation. Checking blood sugar now for reactions and am super carb sensitive. How do I push my body to do what I want it to do without it lashing back with hair loss?? Looking forward to some info on hair loss and weight loss, thanks. BTW HCG causes me to really ‘clean’ out my messed up eating habits! No more junk!

      1. Thanks for the link and valuable info. My hair has been growing back, I have approximately 6 inches of new growth, the hair that was growing during the diet is fine and brittle. The new stuff is much nicer. I also have cleaned up my eating habits, because I was so hooked on carbs (and those were mostly junk) I would like to lose another 25 but am not getting anywhere without exercise like I could on the VLCD. Looks like low carb and exercise AND patience will have to be my solution. (along with less stress triggers, who knew losing so much weight would be so stressful?) Thanks so much for the info and all the comments that resulted from that post!

      2. I had a similar question, I didn’t lose as much weight though(100 pounds holy cow!). Just wanted to let you know I found your response helpful Michael. Just started reading your blog

  25. Dr Eades,
    You comments are great and looked forward to, but your articles are absolutely fantastic and ever so eagerly awaited, anticipated and sorely missed.
    I’m sure you can figure out how I would like you to best use your limited time and great imagination.

  26. Hi Dr. Eades, just read a post and see that you live in Incline Village…
    I live here as well, was surprised to hear that.
    I wonder if you ever see patients here in Incline. Probably not, but does not hurt to ask! 🙂 Keep up the great work…!

    1. I just live there. I’m not licensed to practice in Nevada nor in California where I also live part of the time.

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