After an exhaustive search I have finally gotten reliable documentation on how much olestra is in chips.  For those of you who want to know, one ounce of chips contains 8.33 grams of olestra.  And it looks like the GI trouble (i.e. cosmic pizza grease) starts for most people after consuming somewhere in the range of 20-30 grams (2.4-3.8 ounces of chips) of olestra per day.  So, if your interested in an olestra detox, chow down on 48 olestra-containing potato chips and don’t stray far from the head.


  1. No doubt this topic has become a pain the the you-know-where for you, but do you have any idea how long the effect of Olestra lasts (assuming one “dose” of chips)?
    Hi Anna–
    Since it pretty much goes on through, I wouldn’t think it would last more than a day or a bowel cycle, however long that may be. If the paper quoted in the my answer to Simon in the previous post is to be believed, there may not be much of a problem anyway.

  2. Sir many thanks yr time effort and explan. ref sleuthing.
    When you say low cal for the detox would you go as low as a 750-1000cals.
    Am wondering if you took in this amount in mainly fat plus the Olestra Induco-Shite-a-Lotski Crisps you might get rid of more POP’s due to the amount of bile squirted oot ?
    Again thanks.
    Hey Simon–
    You would squirt out more bile, but most of the POPs would probably go into the fat and get reabsorbed.  I would eat low-calories with a little fat (to stimulate gall bladder function) and the olestra to carry the harvested POPs out.

  3. .. and thus far hey seem to non existant in Can-Ardour.The local 24 hr selling sugar n shite store no luck, the local Way that is Safe no luck, the deli down the luck.
    Maybe they don’t sell em up here ?
    Maybe its a conspiracy to keep the great North as POP-ed up as possible ?
    Hey ho what can ye do ?
    Sounds like you may need to make a trek south of the border.

  4. .. and of course pon cursory research i see they are not avail here.
    Might have known it.  Too bad. 

  5. What’s the carbohydrate count though?
    Hi Vicki–
    The carb count of Lay’s potato chips with Olestra is about 17 grams per one ounce serving (about 20 chips).  I don’t advocate making this part of a typical low-carb diet, but just as a now and then detox program.

  6. Olestra potato chips. This is a non-starter for us low-carbers! How about some olestra fried pork rinds? Not available, I think they fry in their own melted fat. ;*)
    Hi Gary–
    It’s not an everyday thing.  Just a once in a while detox.

  7. Hi,
    Do you know if olestra products are sold in the UK under another name? Or perhaps they have been banned by the EU?
    Is there a good unbiased site explaining the pros and cons of olestra?
    Hi Adrian–
    I don’t know if olestra is sold under another name in Europe.  Maybe a reader can help us out.
    And I don’t know of an unbiased site.  You can do a PubMed search using ‘olestra’ or ‘sucrose poylester’ and get abstracts from many papers showing what various researchers have found in their studies of this substance.

  8. That’s gotta be like 40+ grams of carbs, right?
    Hi Max–
    An ounce is about 16 grams of effective carb. 17 grams total carb, 1 gram of fiber, so a couple of ounces would be around 32 grams.  Not something you would want to do every day, but not just because of the carbs.


  9. So would giving blood while doing very low cal dieting do something for you? I wonder how much POP you would lose from a pint of blood being taken compared to the Olestra method. If you do it every 8 weeks…might add up to something without side effects.
    Hi Scott–
    Good idea. I hadn’t thought of that, but it should work just fine. Go on a low-calorie diet for a few days before, then when POPs have been mobilized out of the fat and into the blood, give blood. It would work even better if you chose to undergo Plasma Apheresis, a process whereby a couple of units of plasma are removed.  The POPs are in the plasma, so removing more of it gets rid of more POPs than by simply giving a unit of blood.

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