Now that Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About has hit the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list for the past few weeks, the media is starting to sharpen their knives for him. If you don’t know who Kevin Trudeau is, you don’t watch much television because he is all over the airwaves with an infomercial about his book, which is about how the government, the drug companies, physicians, people who sell vitamins, insurance companies, grocery stores, the list goes on and on, are all out to get you. Who can you trust? Mr. Trudeau, of course. He tells you so right on the infomercial. According to him, he is the only true source of honest information out there. And for only a small monthly fee, Mr. Trudeau will provide you with the unvarnished truth as he sees it. As Dave Barry says: I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. Watch the infomercial yourself.
Just to see what all the fuss was about I got a copy of the book and read a little here and a little there and found it to be in part a jihad against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in part a collection of a host of “cures” for various disorders, most of which, in my opinion, are hogwash.
The parts about his dealings with the FTC and FDA I found interesting and true, at least according to people I know who do know how the system works. I’ll blog on Trudeau’s ongoing battles with these two government agencies sometime down the road and just stick now to my impression of the contents of his book from a health and scientific perspective.
In a book this large – over 500 pages – the law of averages militates that there are bound to be at least a few things that are correct, and indeed there are. Mr. Trudeau comes down hard on sugar and especially high-fructose corn syrup. He rails against processed white flour; he is down on trans fats; he encourages the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables; he even recommends sunlight. In fact, the book is basically a book of lists of all the things Mr. Trudeau believes that you should or shouldn’t do or take or eat to achieve and maintain good health. Problem is most of the stuff he writes about is, in my humble opinion, absolute idiocy. But, of course, I’m a part of the unholy alliance between the government, drug companies, and doctors that is out to fleece you of your health and your cash, so I would take everything I have to say with a grain of salt.
Even when Mr. Trudeau gets something right, his rationale is totally wrong. For example, he advocates sunlight and sunbathing. So do I. It provides a number of benefits, not the least of which is the active form of vitamin D. Mr. Trudeau doesn’t believe that people should use sunscreen. Neither do I. But there the similarity in our views on the sunlight issue part company.
I don’t like sunscreens because the vast majority of them only block the UVB spectrum of sunlight, the spectrum that causes sunburning. Most people use sunscreens so that they can stay out in the sun longer than they should without burning. Problem is, most sunscreens don’t block the UVA spectrum of sunlight very well, and UVA is the spectrum that causes the development of melanoma, an extremely virulent skin cancer. So if you slather on the sunscreen and hit the beach on vacation for a week, you don’t get burned, but you get ungodly amounts of UVA. It is exactly these people who develop melanoma—people who normally work indoors then have massive amounts of sun exposure over the short term. People who work in the sun and have a tan have a much lower incidence of melanoma. A good tan, which you get from graduated exposure to the sun, blocks both UVB and UVA.
Mr. Trudeau has a little different take on the issue of sunlight, sunscreens, and skin cancer. He says, “Don’t use sun block.” Why not? I’ll let him tell it in his own words:

This is one of the greatest frauds in history. The sun does not cause cancer. Sun block has been shown to cause cancer. The ingredients in sun block are now strongly believed to be the number one cause of skin cancer. There is no skin cancer in Africa. People stay in the sun all day long with no sunscreen. It is not the pigment in the skin, as some suggest. People of African heritage living in America have the highest rate of skin cancer, and they stay in the sun the least.

And on and on. I read the medical literature all the time, and I’ve never seen a report on sun block causing skin cancer. Maybe somewhere lurking in some journal is a paper or two speculating a connection, but that is a long way from scientists believing that the ingredients in sun block are “the number one cause of skin cancer.” As to the people of African heritage having the highest rates of skin cancer, a quick trip to the statistics section of the American Cancer Society gives the lie to that.

Melanoma is primarily a disease of whites, and rates are more than 10 times higher in whites than in African Americans.

Mr. Trudeau’s book could have benefited greatly from the services of a fact checker. Had he hired one, however, the book wouldn’t have been nearly so long.
Let’s look at a couple of other small sections to get the true flavor of the book. Mr. Trudeau admonishes his readers to avoid pork.

Remember, you are what you eat. Pork is a highly toxic diseased animal. A pig eats anything in its path, including its own feces. Whatever it eats turns to meat on its bones in just a few hours. All pork products are laced with disease and viruses. It is toxic and unhealthy. The human body virtually goes into toxic shock by consuming pork. Massive amounts of energy go to the stomach and intestines to help breakdown and digest this toxic material. Pork is never fully digested in the human body; however, the human digestive system works nonstop in overdrive for up to eighteen hours attempting to neutralize and digest pork. If you didn’t eat pork for thirty days and then had some, there is an excellent chance you would be violently ill. Eliminating pork, or at least reducing it dramatically, can have a profound impact on your health an sense of well-being. Try and see.

No thanks. As I said before, in the words of Dave Barry, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. It’s right there on page 150-151. I don’t know that I’ve ever encountered a single paragraph anywhere containing as many incorrect statements. Except maybe this next one from page 183 under the heading: Most Fat People Have a Clogged and Sluggish Liver.

The liver is a detoxifying organ. When it’s clogged up, your metabolism slows down. What causes the clogging up of the liver? The number one reason your liver is clogged and not operating properly is the nonprescription over-the-counter drugs you have taken your entire life, and all the prescription drugs you have taken. Most notably, if you take any cholesterol reducing drugs, your liver is absolutely categorically clogged. Chlorine and fluoride in the water is another cause of a clogged liver. Food additives used in processed food and fast food dramatically clog the liver. Refined sugar and white flour clog the liver. Substances such as artificial sweeteners, monosodium glutamate, and preservatives all clog the liver. The bottom line is the pharmaceutical companies clog your liver and the publicly traded food industry clogs your liver!

You get the picture.
One of the statements that Mr. Trudeau makes on his infomercial is that there is a simple herbal cure for cancer that is being suppressed by the “cancer industry.” According to Mr. Trudeau, the multi billion dollar “cancer industry” is practically quaking in its boots in fear that this inexpensive, readily available substance will become known and destroy their empire. I searched for such a cure in the book so I could have it on hand just in case, but, alas, couldn’t find it.
If you’ve contemplated buying this book, I think you should save your money.


  1. You said: Mr. Trudeau admonishes his readers to avoid pork.
    So does God — He is definitely right on that one.
    7 And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be cloven-footed, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you.
    8 Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcass shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you.

  2. I’ve also read Mr. Trudeau’s book and although I cannot recommend it to anyone because I have little confidence in Mr. Trudeau’s motivations, there is probably more truth mixed in with the falsehoods than you will get from your local doctor. His take on the pharmecuetical industry in right on the mark. If I had a choice between Trudeau’s quackery or the average medical doctors quackery, I’d choose the former.
    If you’re looking for better information on alternative health, keep looking. There are lots of good books on the market.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I have been practicing complementary medicine for more than 15 years and am an internist and it is a shame that this charlatan has the ability to convince so many people to buy his books. Yes there are ways to ameliorate and improve dramatically chronic disease such as diabetes type 2 ,fybromyalgia,arthritis, asthma,and many others that physicians in Europe have been treating with integrative medicine for years, and now this book will taint so much good work from so many brilliant physicians.
    Hi Dr. Roman–
    I agree with you 100%.
    On the good side of the equation, it looks like he is gradually fading from the scene.

  4. no one notices that at the end of the third chapter of his new books he clams to be 70 when he was actually born in the 1960’s. This guy’s a con artist.
    Hi Jeremy–
    Somehow I didn’t notice his claim to be almost 70 when I read the book.

  5. Personally, I may not agree 100% on every subject Kevin talks about in his book; only because I’m not done reading it yet, but I know anybody involved in the government would rather have any amount of money than let you live; if they had the choice.
    And did everybody forget about his story. All he’s doing is letting everybody what he has experienced. The government is trying to kill you, but they don’t want to do it in a blink of an eye; they wouldn’t make a profit and that’s what they’re all about.
    Any excuse you hear from a “doctor”, wait – what is the definition of doctor? Doctor – person involved in the conspiracy – they have a licese to practice medicine/they have been awarded a doctor’s degree. Yeah, someone gets a doctor degree – yeepee. Guess what nobody gives a s**t. Your just another a*****e swimming in the wishing well taking the pennies for yourself.
    And who were the ones to make up the rules and educational programs for them to learn from? (If you teach a puppy to kill when it is a dog it will have an automatic instinct to kill.)
    I could go on and on about how blind you are and can’t see the truth, just because someone has had more education than you; you believe them?
    Hi Kenny–
    Thanks for the kind words.  The next time you get sick or get hurt, go see Kevin Trudeau.

  6. There are MANY others who have written books just as Kevin has… the other authors just don’t heavily advertise their books. And, might I note, that these books are written by doctors, such as Gary Null, Ph.D, Paula Baillie-Hamilton, M.D., Ph.D., Diana Schwarzbein, M.D., etc.
    Yeah, it’s easy to pick on Kevin because he doesn’t have a list of acronym behind his name and he has bad history. People change, and it’s too bad you all can’t see the good in someone trying to help a society that’s falling apart and dying of curable diseases.
    Does it not strike you odd that there hasn’t been a cure since Polio… when it bankrupted the medical industry? Think about it.
    Mainstream doctors so have their place. Kevin does not deny that, but doctors and drug companies are not God, but people who follow mainstream seem to think so. Whatever…
    Free country, my ass. We don’t even had the right to our own health anymore.
    Hi Laurie–
    I get the gist of your comment.  I think many of the things Kevin Trudeau advocates are laudible, some are even efficacious, but others are pure quackery.  Problem is, how does one not trained in medicine, biochemistry and physiology tell the difference?  If you can’t tell the good from the bad, you’re taking a Russian roulette approach to your health.
    By the way, polio isn’t cured; most people have been vaccinated against it.  I know a few people who opted not to get the vaccine who subsequently developed polio.  If you don’t get the vaccination now, you can still get the disease.  Smallpox, on the other hand, has been eradicated.  And it happened long after the polia vaccine was developed.

  7. If you google the terms “sunblock” and “cancer” you will find a large number of articles stating that the ingredients of sunblock create cancer and that blocking the sun prevents the creation of vitamins that destroy cancer. Other findings show that such factors like lack of exercise and bad nutrition cause cancer along with anything that causes the immune system to weaken.
    How can the author of the book be wrong when he states that the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits is the cure for most diseases? Don’t most modern chemicals that are in most foods and drugs cause most diseases?
    Hi Philipp–
    I don’t have any argument about the advice to avoid sunscreens and to eat fresh fruits and vegetables; it’s the other 300+ pages I have a problem with.

  8. I am really interested in this sunblock thing. I am fair-skinned, and I have had sunburn a number of times, and I want the truth about it. I notice when I get sun (not necessarily sunburn), my skin clears up, and I’ve heard the sun is good for you. One of the things that was suggested for avoiding the disease from which Christopher Reeves’ wife died was getting adequate sunlight.
    Also, why are some people darker than others? I know from melanin, but I am interested in the history of skin tones…and if all of us fair-skinned people lived in Africa w/o the option of sun screen, would our bodies eventually adapt, or would we die?
    Hope all these thoughts make sense.
    Hi Leigh–
    It is beyond the scope of the comments section to discuss the pros and cons of sunlight, but having said that, in my opinion the good far outweighs the bad.  You’ve got to get graduated exposure, not sunburned, to get the maximal benefit.
    If fair-skinned people moved to Africa, they would burn in the sun if they got too much exposure just as they would anywhere else.  If these people reproduced and their children reproduced for many, many generations, there may evolve a change in skin tone, but it would take millennia. 

  9. Wasn’t PABA shown to cause cancer? It used to be in “all” sunscreens, espcially the ones made for kids. I think that’s maybe what he might have been referring to.
    It was never shown to cause cancer.  There was some speculation that a chemical with a similar structure to PABA might be a carcinogen. 

  10. Kudos. I have a graduate degree in business not medicine. From a business point of view I can appreciate Mr. Trudeau’s nod to capitalism. My sister gave me the book in an attempt to enlighten me. Reading the book and taking everything at face value was difficult. After I read the faux pas on African Americans and skin cancer I closed the book and began wondering if there were any medical professionals interested in challenging what seemed to be gross generalizations. He seemingly inflates simple truths, mixes them with facts and then positions himself as an advocate for the people. The book does contain some valid points but overall it seems quite dangerous if most people are not willing to wade through the facts vs the fiction. Thanks for renewing my faith!
    My pleasure. 

  11. You wrote: “he is gradually fading from the scene”. I am sorry to say that the mentioned con is on TV in many countries away from the hands of US justice. I watched here in Brazil and read some articles written in Portugal as well.
    Both who are for and against have given some money to this “money addicted”.
    I understand that Mr. Trudeau is a real indication that something is wrong with the american society’s health: mental health.
    Anyway… someone once said that “nobody has never lost money by underestimating american people’s intelligence”.
    By the way: “eat vegetables, fruits and avoid too much sun”. I back these advices for free.
    I think he really is fading from the scene now since his most recent run in with the FTC.

  12. I’m currently in the middle of listening to the NCTDWYTKA audiobook (I didn’t pay for it, it was given as a gift). I’m of mixed opinion regarding KT’s comments, in part because he comes across like a used car salesman and because he spends every 5 minutes repeating the same thing over and over as if I’m an idiot. Those are my perceptions however, as those in your article are rightfully yours.
    That said, I have the following observations to make regarding your article AND his book. We’re all smart enough to review any generalizations the author makes to determine precise accuracies. Few of us are unintelligent enough to take everything anyone says at face value. While I don’t recommend reading the book in question and changing your life solely based on the information in the book, I DO recommend reading the book for an alternative opinion regarding our dealings with the FDA, FTA and our current lifestyle; generally some of the concepts in his book are interesting even merely as a opinion and worthy of deep consideration. For example, his advice and recommendation (though to hear him speak, he’s nearly demanding the change) to eat SOLELY AND ONLY organic foods is not rationally given, only due to the fact that few people I know can afford, at their pay scale, to eat only organic foods. Yet I can’t argue that organic foods are much better for you than the ton of preservatives that we take into our bodies from processed foods. Interestingly, some of the things he comments on (ok, vastly makes accusations regarding) about the FTC, FDA, etc are things I myself have debated with others about for years, long before his book came out.
    I’ll be the first (ok, since you mentioned it first, I’ll be second… lol) to say not to take anything in the book at face falue and with a grain of salt, I think it’s worth a read (find it on sale somewhere) if for nothing else to force one to have second thoughts… too many people fail to have a first one and thinking for ourselves is what makes our species great. 🙂 Thanks for listening! lol
    Hi Michael–
    As far as I’m concerned, the real value of this book is his description of what kinds of vast powers these governmental agencies have. He has tangled with them, as have I, and I can tell you that he’s right on the mark. If the other information were that valid, the book would be worth its weight in gold.

  13. I read Mr. Trudeau book and did a few of the things he recommends. I want to share with you what I’m practicing.
    -a shower filter to get rid of chlorine and other harmful substances in the water
    – filter tap water for drinking, teas, and cooking
    -no white sugar
    -no white flower
    -no artificial sweeteners (no diet anything).
    -Get free range all natural beef if you can not find a kosher organic.
    -Avoid pork. God said so and you can not deny it is poison.
    -Organic dairy products.
    -Sea food: no farm raised fish, no shell fish.
    -No MSG, corn syrup, or nitrate.
    -Juicing at least once a day
    -All natural frozen Berries blend smoothie at least once a day.
    -Chelation shots or pills to try to get rid of the mercury we consumed in the food and all drugs (prescription and over the counter)
    It helped greatly and I will not be seeing quakes the like of you any time soon.
    No doctor ever recommended this to me, why?
    I suggest that you always avoid ‘quakes’ like me. And, BTW, next time you split your head open and need stitches, be sure to call Kevin Trudeau.

  14. I did expect you to avoid the main idea.
    Personally I trust Integrative Medical Doctors.
    I’m not a follower of any person and know that Mr. Trudeau is exaggerating and might be using the subject as a hook.
    I do not see you outraged with lies from drug companies and government agencies that definitely responsible for killing many.
    I already made a difference by convincing a doctor friend of mine to see that their are options that might help with his son’s Autism. Thanks to Mr. Trudeau.
    Please open your mind so you may avoid being a drug pusher.
    I wish you the best, it is not personal.
    Happy New Year.
    You wrote:

    I do not see you outraged with lies from drug companies and government agencies that definitely responsible for killing many.

    You’re obviously not a regular reader of this blog.
    Happy New Year to you.

    1. Well put! There are good and poor integrative and medical doctors everywhere. The more open minded and humble ones are the best!

  15. Mr. Aidabole, please note that water generally doesn’t contain chlorine. I’ve heard that Los Angeles started treating their water with chlorine a few years ago, but most municipalities do not do this.
    You might want to start reading Mr. Eades’ blog, he strays a little further from the mainstream than you think (and he maintains his sanity while doing it! – which is the important part).
    Oh, and I find it hard to beleive that OTC medications contain mercury. I’m going to [citation needed] that one.

  16. I have attempted for many years to follow ‘prevention’ health choices and was often ‘made-fun-of’ by doctor friends. I am recently adding ‘intentional’ eating as I call it. This simply means that choices in what I do or don’t do about eating and activity will increase or decrease probabilities/possibilities [I’m not God] regarding health. Experience with something will always work differently as we are so uniquely put together [genes,age,baggage,culture,etc.]
    Being an average ‘joe’…I definitely celebrate good ideas that increase options and choices for best or better health. But, to eliminate or exclude good judgement…to turn ‘biasly’ to someone or something PERIOD, giving up the right to examine and take the good…mmm. I was open to this gentleman until he said in the infommercial “I alone” and “only I”.
    Yes…many things in his books are good and true…but…no one is “only and alone” right here on earth. Do continue to encourage the public to analyze, examine and evaluate…There is, last time I checked history, not one human that was always, only right…Jesus said He was. many didn’t beleive Him.

  17. Has anyone had success lowering cholesterol by using Trudeau’s recommendations? Starting drug treatment is a long term commitment and I have to wonder if it isn’t worthwhile to try his approach…first. Anyone tried it?

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