A great Steyn piece about Live8. (Requires registration, but worth it.)
Goes to show that you need to look at what people do, not what they say. And it ain’t just rock stars.
Reminds me of a luncheon MD and I attended a couple of years ago at a restaurant with about a half dozen or so low-carb authors and gurus of one sort or another, all of whom were overweight, a few massively so. All were ordering off the menu and running the poor waitress ragged by specifying all the changes that needed to be made in their orders to make them low-carb. It seemed as if all these folks were trying to outdo one another by proving who could be the most maddeningly low-carb persnickety. A couple of them sent their orders back a time or two before getting them to their liking.
I’ve spent a lot of time taking care of thousand of patients using low-carb diets, and what I discerned right off the bat is that if these folks ate at home like they were eating in front of their peers, they would have all been rail thin.

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