If you have adopted a paleo diet (or even a sensible, but less purist form of low carb eating) for yourself and marveled at the change in you, have you ever wondering if you should encourage your kids to adopt the same nutritional structure? The answer is: of course you should! If you can’t figure out know how to go about it, Sarah Fragaso’s new book Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Shipmay be just the tool you need.

Written for kids as a super hero story (think Little Einsteins) this colorful book explains in kid lingo why (and how) to eat this way, and gets them invested in the process by involving them in both the selection and preparation of their own nutritious food. Kids–boys and girls–love to cook and even when they’re so small they need a stool to reach the counter, there are ways for them to help. To get the ball rolling, the book contains 10 or so easy and tasty paleo food recipes (i.e. without grains, dairy, or legumes) that will seem familiar to your kids — Paleo Pal Pancakes, Apple Sandwiches, Energizing Egg Mini ‘Muffins’– each with specific instructions for how even little kids can safely help.

I was fortunate enough to get two reviewer copies, one of which is going to my grandkids in Dallas and the other to my grandkids in Santa Barbara. I think it’s the perfect way to introduce kids to a healthy paleo lifestyle. After all, isn’t childhood a much better and more effective time to adopt good eating habits? Wiser by far to prevent the diseases of civilization by a lifetime of healthy eating than to be in the position of having to reverse or control them after a lifetime of damage!


  1. Sorry for the off topic, but I am contemplating taking bioidentical hormones and understand that you take them also.
    I have had a lot of difficulty as I get older, getting the low carb diet to work and wonder if the hormonal change is the big deal breaker.
    Could you post on this, and your experience and opinion of the bioidenticals?

    MDE responds: Sorry for taking so long to respond, but I’ve been covered up and not posting on anything. The short answer is that getting all your hormones checked out thoroughly and correcting serious deficiencies with bio-identical hormones (which takes time and futzing with to get the dose right) can be key to successful weight loss after/peri menopause or andropause. I wrote about my own struggle with trying to lose effectively when menopause took hold in the 6-Week Cure at some length, but will try to give it some additional blog coverage in the future.

  2. I try to teach my kids the same good eating habits I adopted myself. They are all healthy kids, I have four, without any overweight.

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