A front-page article in today’s New York Times details KevinTrudeau’s checkered history and the success of his book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About .
You can see a few excerpts o his book in a post I made a few days ago.
Despite the woman featured in the Times article who allegedly “cured” her headaches from info she found in Trudeau’s book, I would encourage you to save your money.


  1. Just perusing through some old blog posts while munching a salad.
    While I agree not to spent money on Trudeau’s book, I will say that the information in the Protein Power LifePlan helped cure my headaches. 🙂 Magnesium also works good for PMS – I had no cravings this month at all. Still had cramps though and had to pull out the Ibuprofin and ThermaCare patches for that.
    Hi Victoria–
    Trudeau makes so many recommendations that the law of averages more or less mandates that a couple of them will be correct. It’s the rest of them I worry about.
    As to cramps, it’s been my experience with patients that products containing naproxen such as Aleve work better than ibuprofen. Caffeine helps, too.

  2. I found some of the info to be useful, but I must say that most of the info is readily available online.. However, with that said, he is right on target about the drug companies and food companies.. Cheers!
    I don’t know about the drug companies and food companies, but he’s absolutely on target with the FTC.

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