Well, I finally took the plunge and migrated my blog over to Word Press, as my darling husband did some time ago. I don’t like giving up what I’m familiar with and venturing out into the unknown without at least a little bit of a fight. (I’d probably still using Easy Writer software or Wordperfect, if computers nowadays didn’t come preloaded with Word.)

I generally don’t take to new things right off the bat. Rather, I have to do what my mother called ‘making friends’ with new stuff, whether that means new computers, software, phone systems, cell phones, appliances…you name it. A new something may sit in the cupboard or on my desk for a while before I’ll decide I’m ready to give it a spin…or in my mother’s terms, make friends with it.
Thus my reluctance to abandon my bland-looking template on the lesser, but known, Movable Type blogging software that I began with for what Mike continually assured me was a better, more function program with a snappier-looking template.

And so far, he’s right. I think I’m going to like it; it’s more intuitive, easier to use, and more functional. And it allows me the option of putting some really gorgeous food photos on the mast head.

The shots were done a few years ago as part of a large group of color illustrations that were to grace the pages of our PBS tv show’s companion cookbook, The Low Carb CookwoRx Cookbook. They were shot by a friend of ours, Ryannan Breyer de Hickman, who is a fabulously gifted professional photographer and, as you can tell from the photos, a great food stylist and an amazing composer of artful photographs. Not to mention a great cook; she made most of the food for the shots herself from my recipes. She and her husband ate the leftovers, I think, all the week or two she was shooting.

At the last minute–after we’d gotten about 25 gorgeous food shots in the can–the book publishers determined they didn’t want to use photos afterall. Which is a crying shame, since they are breathtaking shots.

What shows up on the rotating shots on the blog is but a sliver of the full photographs, but enough to get the feeling of how simply beautiful good food can be, when styled and shot by an artist.

Also enough to make me wish for about the bazillionth time that the book publishers had kept to their original plan to make a glorious full color spread in the cookbook for all of us to enjoy.

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