Just a quick post to let you know of a one-day sale of low-carb/ketogenic diet books for $3 each.
I haven’t read any of the books on this list except for Dr. Richard Feinman’s The World Turned Upside Down: The Second Low-Carb Revolution, which is excellent.  Highly recommended, especially if you are at all interested in the biochemical workings of the low-carb diet.
Oh, and Judy Barnes Baker’s wonderful book Nourished, which is filled with absolutely delicious low-carb recipes.  Judy’s is one of our favorite low-carb cookbooks.
I plan on purchasing all these books at this price.  Even Dr. Feinman’s, which I already have, but only in hardback.
Here is the full list.
1. Richard David Feinman – The World Turned Upside Down – The Second Low-Carbohydrate Revolution
2. Colin Champ – Misguided Medicine
3. Judy Baker – Nourished
4. Patricia Daly – Practical Keto Meal Plans for Endurance Athletes
5. Ben Greenfield – The Low-Carbohydrate Diet for Endurance Triathletes
6. Cristi Vlad – Ketone Power
7. Cristi Vlad – T-(Rx) – The Testosterone Protocol
8. Cristi Vlad – Periodic Fasting – Repair your DNA, Grow Younger, and Learn to Appreciate your Food
9. Jennifer Matthews – Keto Blocks
10. Jennifer Matthews – Understanding Keto
If any of you out there have read any of these books and would like to chime in, please feel free to leave a review – good, bad or neutral – in the comments.  As I said, I have read only the two mentioned above, so can’t comment on the others.


  1. Cristi Vlad wrote a very informative book in Intermittent Fasting. I haven’t read the others, but he seems to do his research.

  2. Doc, so do you agree with Dr. Feinman in chapter 6 on sugar? I agree with Dr. Lustig, as sugar was without a doubt a poison that very nearly destroyed me, and if is wasn’t for the info I gained from you that I needed to go as sugar free and as low carb (very low) as it took to be OK, I wouldn’t be commenting today. I haven’t read the book, but I bought the Kindle version and so will try to find some time because you recommended it and I think it may shed more light on how things work. Details are important. Thanks again for all you do Doc!

    1. Dr. Feinman is anti sugar, which is half fructose. But he feels that too much emphasis has been placed on fructose and that most of the biochemical explanations of those bashing fructose are incorrect. He believes that by focusing on fructose too much, people will lose site of the overall benefits of a good low-carb diet and spend all their time simply trying to avoid fructose.

      1. My primary focus was in avoiding all sugar including fructose but that seemed to go without saying, and it wasn’t just by getting off of sugar that I got better. Continuing the way I was even without sugars would not have allowed me to heal as much as I have. To me, the focus is in avoiding anything that causes an insulin response and maintaining that until such time as the insulin response dampens, and mine has somewhat. When I share about the LCHF lifestyle, that is what I emphasize. Thanks for better explaining his position!

      2. But if you try a McDougall-like approach just for personal understanding, there is good insulin sensitivity and glucose disposal from all-starch-all-the-time.
        As one substitutes fructose or sucrose for some of the starch, insulin sensitivity goes down the tubes.
        There is no doubt that low-carb/high-fat is superior to high-carb, but if you are going to eat high-carb as much of the world does, fructose is the enemy, and Dr. Feinman doesn’t seem to see this part of the human nutrition story.

      3. Sorry I missed the sale. Oh well. Mike, do you have any thoughts on Dr. Furhman? He is really anti protein and especially anti animal protein. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the books Michael.
    I agree with taking the emphasis off fructose, it’s just one of the cards in the deck that we need to discard to play the game properly.

  4. I am reading Cristi Vlad’s book on fasting now, and am very impressed. He is a remarkable young man from Romania. The One-Day-Book-Sale was his brainstorm and I am very honored that he included my book alongside those of such luminaries in the field!
    Thank you for your kind words about me, Dr. Eades. Protein Power was the first low-carb book I ever read and it changed my life. I am forever grateful.

    1. Happy to do provide the kind words. Your book is great! MD and I use your recipes all the time. Plus the ones you post on Facebook.

  5. Dr. Mary Dan is a world class chef and recipe developer. It makes me weak in the knees to think of her reading or using my books. (But I am very happy to know that she finds them useful!)

  6. Thanks for sharing our gig Dr. Eades,
    Overall it went great. Thousands of people have benefited from it as one can see in the ranks of these books as of Apr 23. We’re planning on doing it every few weeks. You’re welcomed to join forces with us.
    Cristi Vlad

    1. Glad you got a bunch of sales. Unfortunately, I don’t have any control over the pricing of my own books because they are all in the hands of large publishers.

  7. Colin Champ’s book is a must read for any who still have lingering doubts about the health benefits of the low carb eating. Champ’s research on the benefits of those undergoing radiation/chemo therapy will convince the most doubtful. He has a website under Caveman Doctor.

  8. I just got the message this morning and bought three books but the highly recommend Feinman is no longer on sale., Please let us know if they do it again. Thanks for the collection.
    PS: The link to krill oil in the sidebar is broken.

    1. Thanks for the heads up about the broken link. I’m not far from having a new site, so all will be fixed then.

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