In going back through my recent posts I discovered that one I posted a week or so ago got axed when I had my recent hardware SNAFU.
The Chicago Tribune (free registration) ran an excellent three part series a little over a week ago on the Oreo cookie and how its evolution over time mirrors the changes in this country’s relationship with diet.
The part I found most interesting was the revelation from documents that came to light during the tobacco litigation that scientists at Kraft foods, the makers of Oreos, had consulted with the addiction experts at Philip Morris. In fact, in March 1991

the Philip Morris scientist who led studies on nicotine’s impact on the brain met with neuroscientists at Kraft’s sprawling research center in Glenview.

The scientist, Frank Gullotta, discussed with Andrade [James Andrade, neuroscientist at Kraft] and others “the possibility of collaborative studies in areas that would be of mutual interest” to Kraft and Philip Morris, according to a Philip Morris memo describing the visit.

I wonder what could be of “mutual interest” to a couple of neuroscientists working for companies that make addictive substances?

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