We love to eat in Italy and love the flavors from the savory Parma ham of the north to the creamy mozzarella di bufala of the south; we adore every ‘red, white, and green’ inch of it! So how excited was I to receive a review copy of Sarah Fragosa’s new entry into the ever expanding paleo cookbook fold, Italian Cuisine!
Italian Cuisine Sarah Fragoso
I know, you’re thinking Italian and Paleo?? Are you kidding? What about the pizza? It’s there on an almond and coconut flour crust. The bruscetta? Try serving it on slices of hard salami (ever so much tastier) instead of crostini! The pasta? She’s got that covered, too, with spaghetti squash replacing spaghetti, mandolined zucchini or yellow squash replacing linguini or egg noodles, cauliflower masquerading as risotto, and sticks of butternut squash or white yam for penne. Afterall, it’s all about the flavors (which are present and accounted for) and not the wheat!

While I might quibble that a metabolically deranged Syndrome X-er might not be able to tolerate a diet that included a slug of white sweet potatoes (at least not much and on a regular basis, or that 1/2 cup of honey in a recipe is not a lot different from 1/2 cup of sugar metabolically speaking, those are fine points.

It’s a great resource for the paleo or low carber who misses Italian food! And gluten-free diners will love it!

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