Posting in the Denver airport using my Verizon National Access while waiting for MD to stand in the coffee line. Saw this when I read the New York Times in flight. Every now and then they get it right. Money quote:

As Jodi Kantor reported in The Times this week, B.M.I. scores and the percentile rankings can confuse already overburdened parents and demoralize students, who now have one more grade to consider. The index also isn’t a particularly precise measurement tool. Muscles, which weigh more than fat, can push up a B.M.I., labeling even a young athlete as physically unfit. If schools are going to hand out B.M.I. reports they need to do a better job explaining their significance to parents and children.

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  1. What about the pediatricians???
    When mine were little, they’re 22 & 24 now, I was threatened by workers are WIC with DSS as my daughter was “underweight”. But kids that were overweight? No one said a thing.
    The doctors are the ones that should be talking to the parents and/or kids about their weight, diet, exercise, etc.
    As for the schools? Yes, they need to start feeding these kids better. One article I read said the kids got funnel cakes, among other “foods” that are completely inappropriate. The response to the increasing weight issues? They stopped sprinkling powdered sugar on the funnel cakes!
    Hi Cindy–
    They stopped sprinkling sugar on the funnel cakes.  Amazing!

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