Watch and enjoy.


  1. Is he for real!? That guy should have his own reality show. I’d watch that just for the laughs.
    He is pretty funny. 

  2. John Clarke for real? Well, depends on your POV – he is very clever (he says through gritted teeth as he is a Kiwi – although, like a lot of New Zealanders, he made the sensible decision to live here many years ago!)
    If you want more of the same try this page.
    (although the vagaries of Australian politics might escape you … some elements are, of course, universal)
    This lists his (mostly satirical) career;
    One of many highlights for me was a scene in his mockumentary “The Games” (about the machinations behind the staging of the Sydney Olympics) where there was a committee meeting to discuss the ramifications of the 100 metre track being built ‘slightly short’ (97 metres) possibly as a result of one of the cost cutting measures! The positive spin being world records were likely!
    Hi Malcolm–
    Somehow I knew that you would come through with the real skinny on this character. I knew it was a farce, but I didn’t know who the players were.
    I went through all the skits in your link above. Hilarious.
    Thanks for the info.

  3. “I’m afraid I don’t know the answer, I’m not a botanist.”
    I’m afraid that what that man doesn’t know would be more than enough to fill the body of water in which the whale in question died. And I don’t think that has anything to do with him not being a botanist.

  4. The guy is John Clarke a Kiwi commedian who unfortunately lives in Australia now. He is really great at “take off” as you can see. His previous persona in NZ was that of “Fred Dag” a farmer caricature.

  5. Great stuff, I’d like to see more of this guy. he deadpans so well
    Hi Neil–
    Check out the links in Malcolm’s comment for several more videos.

  6. “The Games” was one of the most hilarious series on tv that I have ever seen. John Clark is brilliant and one of Australia’s best by a long shot (even if he is a Kiwi) There is an election in Australia this year wonderful fodder for John. Thanks for the link, I will now be able to watch it here in the UK.

  7. He does make a great Australian Dean Ornish!
    Indeed! Cant’ you just hear him talking about the HDL garbage trucks?

  8. This is hilarious! Thanks for posting and your headline really fits.
    On another topic; Mazola Corn Oil is claiming that eating corn oil lowers cholesterol (?!)
    Hi Amy–
    What dreck. If you read carefully you’ll notice that it says Mazola Corn Oil can ‘help’ lower cholesterol when used as part of a ‘healthy’ diet…
    Who cares whether it lowers cholesterol or not?  Total cholesterol isn’t important, even to those misguided twits who still believe in the lipid hypothesis.  And at what price does Mazola Corn Oil ‘help’ bring about its minuscule lowering of cholesterol?  How about by increasing the already too high ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats and, as a consequence, increasing inflammatory substances in the blood.
    Some day, in an era of nutritional enlightenment, this ad will be as funny as the interview about the whale.

  9. Speaking of Dean Ornish, did you hear about his reaction to the studies out stating that Atkins was the best diet when compared against several others including his:
    “That dismays Dr. Dean Ornish, who founded the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito. Ornish, a leading proponent of very-low-fat diets, criticized the study, saying that the group assigned his diet did not really follow it – they reported eating far more fat than his diet allows.”
    Awwww Diddums! and after all, it is soooo easy to follow an extremely low-fat diet NOT!

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