With the holidays on us and holiday gatherings abounding, I was intrigued to read an article by Tina Danze in the Dallas Morning News about a tapas party.

Tapas, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, are the delictible appetizer tidbits indigenous to Spain that have taken American wine bars by storm. Because the Spanish custom is to take a siesta break after lunch and to dine very late in the evening (10 pm is an early seating) a body needs something to sustain it in the early evening hours over a glass of wine. Thus, the necessity of the ubiquitous tapas bar on every street corner.

We’ve travelled extensively in Spain and, trust me, we’ve eaten our fair share of tapas and done it pretty much guilt free, because a great portion of traditional tapas fare is naturally low in carb. As the article by Ms. Danze shows us, it’s all about fish, seafood, and sausage, cheeses, nuts, olives, caperberries, roasted and marinated veggies. Mmm mmm mmmmm!

What could be a more appropriate or delicious offering at a low carb holiday gathering than a spread of tapas and some good red Spanish wine? Good fats, good antioxidants, and great taste! And what, during this hectic time could be easier for that matter, since such delicacies as marinated mushsrooms, olives, smoked sardines, olive oil marinated calamari, pickled mussels, and sausages are waiting, ready to eat, on grocery store shelves?

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